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GOP Debate: 3-Way Race to the Bottom

February 25, 2016

GOP Debate: 3-Way Race to the Bottom
Remaining Republican Party presidential candidates will mouth off face off this evening in Texas at the Houston Fat Stock Show University of Houston at 7:30 PM Central (8:30 PM ET). Senators Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz will get down in the mud with TV reality star, wrestling promoter, and frontrunner Donald J. Trump and grapple for the heavyweight GOP champeen belt. Comic relief will be provided by Governor John Kasich and hibernating retired surgeon Ben Carson. Sit down with some popcorn and watch on CNN, Telemundo, or

Marco Rubio has to score in tonight’s debate to get more voter attention. Conventional wisdom says a big loss in next week’s “Super Tuesday” primaries may be the swan song for Senator Rubio. Fittingly, tonight’s debate will be held in the UH Moore Opera House.


Nevada Caucus

February 20, 2016

Nevada Caucus

Iowa Democrats flipped a coin to break their caucus deadlocks, but today’s caucus is in Nevada:

“‘In these very limited circumstances where two or more presidential preference groups are tied for the loss or gain of a delegate, groups must each draw a single card from a deck of cards to break the tie. The high card determines the winner, and aces are high.’

The party will furnish each precinct location with an ‘unopened deck’ to be shuffled ‘at least seven times’ after extra cards, like jokers, are removed. If the two sides pull cards of the same rank, the winner will be determined by suit: spades are the highest, with hearts, diamonds and clubs — in that order — to follow.”

–“Nevada Democrats will break caucus ties with high-card draw,” Gregory Krieg, CNN

–“Here’s how the Nevada caucuses work,” Michelle Rindels, AP via PBS Newshour


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Image (“Nevada Caucus, after Cassius Marcellus Coolidge”) by Mike Licht. Download a copy here. Creative Commons license; credit Mike Licht,

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Senator Rubio: ‘I’m Not an Absentee, I’m an Outsider!’

October 30, 2015

Senator Rubio: 'I'm Not an Absentee, I'm an Outsider!'

First-term Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL), congressional quitter and presidential candidate, has missed more votes than any other senator in the current Congress. Telling Jeb Bush that other people missed votes years ago doesn’t change that.

Besides, Mr. Rubio says, he isn’t playing hooky, he’s a rebel, an outsider.

“When pressed on CNN’s State of the Union about why he’s missed so many votes, the senator explained a lot of them ‘won’t mean anything’ and will ultimately go nowhere or get vetoed by Obama. But isn’t that a bit hypocritical, since Rubio just declared that federal workers who don’t perform their jobs should be able to be fired? ‘Voting is not the only part of the Senate job. The most important thing a senator does is constituent service,’ Rubio explained, adding that he still attends intelligence briefings. ‘I’m not missing votes because I’m on vacation,’ he said. ‘I’m running for president so that the votes they take in the Senate are actually meaningful again.'”

— “Marco Rubio Is Skipping Senate Votes Because He’s a Washington Outsider,” Margaret Hartmann, New York Magazine


Bill Clinton, Not as Beefy

December 29, 2010

Bill Clinton, Not as Beefy

“I live on beans, legumes, vegetables, fruit,” Bill Clinton told Wolf Blitzer. “No milk.” The former President lost 24 pounds eating that way.

PETA named the veggie-lovin’ Ex-Prez its Person of the Year.

“God willing, he won’t be appearing nude in any future PETA ads,” writes Salon’s Mary Elizabeth Williams.


Political Celebrity

September 14, 2010

Political Celebrity

The documentary about Eliot Spitzer was the hot ticket at Tribeca and the Toronto Film Festival. What does a disgraced moral crusader do after his ethics and sex life become the stuff of jokes, tabloids, books, and movies?

He goes Hollywood. Mr. Spitzer will co-host a show on CNN this fall.