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Happy New Year for the One Percent

January 1, 2015

Happy New Year for the One Percent
Happy New Year, rich people. The GOP Congress is in and the laws of mathematics are out, so the fix is in for people of wealth. Poor and middle class wage earners will pay for even more tax cuts for The One Percent. Ring out Neo-Conservatism and ring in Neo-Feudalism!


“Sorry, GOP, tax cuts don’t pay for themselves,” Joel Dodge, The Week

“Behold, the magic kingdom of dynamic scoring,” Froma Harrop, Seattle Times

“Republicans’ magical thinking is immune to the facts,” Robert B. Reich, Baltimore Sun


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Mitt Romney’s America

September 19, 2012

Mitt Romney's America

Ex-financier Willard Mitt Romney was whoopin’ it up at an intimate $50,000-a-plate dinner-for-150 at the palatial estate of kinky fellow plutocrat Marc Leder when some class traitor secretly recorded the GOP candidate’s run-down on the “Other Ranks.” 47% of Americans pay no Federal Income Tax, he confided, and it’s not because they’re compensated in capital gains or have elaborate off-shore bank accounts like real Americans. Our U.S. corporations simply pay them too little to cover their family upkeep, and those wretched, gummint-dependent ingrates won’t vote GOP in November anyway, so screw ’em.