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Four New Elements

January 4, 2016

Four New Elements

Four new chemical elements were officially added to the Periodic Table last week. The four new super-heavy elements were produced in the laboratory, and do not exist in nature.


“It’s official: 4 new elements added to periodic table have formal names,” Ben Guarino, Washington Post


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The Chemistry of Pizza

December 4, 2014

The Chemistry of Pizza
All baking is chemistry, but pizza is … pizza! Okay, baking pizza is chemistry, too …


Refining Starbucks

August 23, 2012

Refining Starbucks

Researchers at the City University of Hong Kong, working with The Climate Group and Starbucks Hong Kong, have converted coffee grounds and stale pastry into plastic’s chemical components. The demonstration project used a small biorefinery rig sufficient for “proof of concept.” The process uses enzymes from fungi to break the waste’s carbohydrates into sugars and ferment them into succinic acid, which can be used to make many things, such as pharmaceutical additives, detergent, solvents, polymers, mulch films, rubbish bags, flushable hygiene products, and artificial sweetener.