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French Town Upholds 62-Year-Old Ban on UFOs

December 2, 2016

French Town Upholds 62-Year-Old Ban on UFOs

The mayor of the French town of Châteauneuf-du-Pape has upheld a 62-year-old law banning UFOs.

The 1954 law was established after a man in northern France said he had seen two figures that looked like ‘deep sea divers’ emerging from a ‘cigar-shaped’ space ship.

But don’t make yourself a tin foil hat yet. Lucien Jeune’s son, Elie Jeune, has dismissed his father’s decree as a “publicity stunt”, telling reporters: ‘At that time, people were talking a lot about extraterrestrials and the unknown, it was in fashion, and there were loads of stories circulating.’

‘He wanted to make a bit of an advertisement for Châteauneuf. It was an excellent publicity stunt… and free.’ Journalists flocked to Châteauneuf-du-Pape from all over the world and, predictably, the public couldn’t get enough of the story.

— “‘No UFOs allowed’: French mayor refuses to overturn town’s bizarre extraterrestrial ban,” Hazel Plush, The Telegraph


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