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That Mexican Thing

October 7, 2016


Former talk radio host and Indiana Governor Mike Pence has a way with words, but during his prime-time smirk-a-thon with over-caffeinated Senator Tim Kaine he out-did himself. Although he chastised Mr. Kaine for repeating talking points —  “pre-done lines” — Mr. Pence had one of his own. When Tim Kaine referred to Donald Trump’s smear of Mexican immigrants as rapists and criminals, Mike Pence, in a clumsy attempt at Reagan’s “There you go again,” replied “Senator, you whipped out that Mexican thing again.”

“That Mexican thing” will be all anyone remembers about Tuesday’s so-called debate.


“‘That Mexican thing’: Mike Pence’s defense of Trump’s rhetoric goes viral,” Nicole Puglise, The Guardian

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Newt: Every Student Must Work, Like I Didn’t

February 3, 2012

Newt: Every Student Must Work, Like I Didn't

Newt Gingrich, disgraced former Speaker of the House, is running for U.S. President, and he has a unique education platform. After poor children finish cleaning school toilets and graduate from high school, they can work their way through college, too. If the nation repealed those pesky child labor laws, it could rid itself of over-paid unionized school janitors and government-subsidized loans for coddled, lazy college students, too. right?


Iowa Matters. For a Day. Every 4 Years.

January 3, 2012

Iowa Matters. For a Day. Every 4 Years

Tonight in Iowa, citizens will huddle in 800 little groups to determine which Republican Presidential candidate they would prefer as a dinner partner. The Iowa Caucus process has not changed much over the years except for the inclusion of womenfolk and Republicans with dark complexions (if the latter can be found in Iowa).


Virginia’s Newt Gingrich Scratched from Virginia Primary

December 26, 2011

Virginia's Newt Gingrich Scratched from Virginia Primary
As a Virginia registered Republican, presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich is eligible to vote in Virginia’s GOP Primary on March 5, 2012, but he isn’t eligible to be on the ballot. His campaign in the Old Dominion failed to get the signatures of 10,000 fellow Virginians on its nominating petition.

This really hits him where he lives. Newt Gingrich moved to McLean in 1999, where he and Callista Bisek moved in together in May 2000. They were married in Fairfax County that August. Mr. Gingrich has voted in McLean since 2002.


The Press Weighs in on Chris Christie

October 1, 2011

The Press Weighs in on Chris Christie

There’s a big, fat political story in America: New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s weight. Mr. Christie cuts an impressive figure compared to the lightweights competing for the 2012 Republican presential nomination; despite his protestations, he’s being touted as a contender with heft.

Chris Christie’s career in elective office stretches all the way back to January 19, 2010, a tenure nearly as long as that of former Alaska Temp-Governor Sarah Palin. Mr. Christie wants to put his state’s government on a diet by starving the poor and middle class, he is a former registered lobbyist for big corporations, and his legal background is littered with skeletons and controversy. Despite all this factual fodder, it is the governor’s personal avoirdupois that has media pundits salivating.

The feeding frenzy has only started, but here’s the first course:


Rick Perry Throws His Stetson in the Ring

August 15, 2011

Rick Perry Throws His Stetson in the Ring

Rick Perry is bored being governor of Texas and is seeking the Republican presidential nomination. Lately, the Governor has spent lots of time praying for rain, so he waited until he could rain on Michele Bachmann’s parade before entering the race. Rep. Bachmann’s landslide win in the Iowa Straw Poll (152 more votes than Ron Paul!) was forgotten in the media rush to photograph Mr. Perry, who has much better hair.


Rolling Plunder: Palin in DC

May 30, 2011

Rolling Plunder: Palin in DC

Sarah Palin successfully stole the thunder from the annual Rolling Thunder event honoring America’s war dead. In leathers and heels, she rode pillion on a Harley and crossed Memorial Bridge from Arlington to the National Mall.