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BP Changes Caps

July 12, 2010

BP Changes Caps

Update: The cap is ON.

BP is replacing the old cap on its gushing Gulf oil well. Removing the old cap has allowed crude oil to gush unrestrained into the Gulf of Mexico, some 60,000 barrels per day.

The new cap will have an improved, snug fit, and should capture more crude. It has been manufactured by Cameron, the company that also made the blowout prevention valves (BOPs) on the Deepwater Horizon.  The cause of the failure of the Deepwater’s BOPs has yet to be determined.


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Gulf Oil Spill: International Edition

May 15, 2010

Gulf Oil Spill: International Edition
The Korean-made Deepwater Horizon, owned by a Swiss corporation, was flying a Marshall Islands flag while drilling for oil in the Gulf of Mexico under contract to British-born BP. It was fitted with a Cameron International blow out preventer (BOP) and serviced by Halliburton, both Houston-based firms. Other partners in the BP oil lease: Japan’s Mitsui and Anadarko Petroleum of Texas.

There is plenty of globalized blame to go around.


Congress Establishes Oil Spill Blame

May 13, 2010

Congress Establishes Oil Spill Blame

Wednesday’s Congressional hearing clearly established blame for the Deepwater Horizon Gulf Coast oil spill:

BP blamed drilling contractor Transocean for its modification of the blow out preventer (BOP) valve manufactured by Cameron International. Transocean blamed BP for submitting bum specs for modification of Cameron’s BOP valve and also a bad cementing job by another contractor, Halliburton. Valve maker Cameron blamed fittings on either side of the BOP, shifting blame to the other three companies. Halliburton claimed it completed work according  to BP plans.

There. We’re glad that’s all cleared up.