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Caffeine In US Soda Pop Is From China’s Drug Factories

March 27, 2014

Caffeine In US Soda Pop Is From China's Drug Factories

Used in moderation, caffeine is a harmless eye-opening stimulant. But it’s a drug, and a tablespoon of pure caffeine will kill you. Plants produce the stuff as an insecticide, and it’s most concentrated in coffee beans, kola nuts, pekoe tea, and yerba mate.

So what’s the source of the caffeine in America’s soft drinks? Pharmaceutical factories in China, mostly.


“Wake Up And Smell The Caffeine. It’s A Powerful Drug,” NPR


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This Just In: Sugar Water is Bad for Kids

May 31, 2011

This Just In: Sugar Water is Bad for Kids

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) wants America’s kids and teens to stop chugging the sugary sports drinks and caffeinated energy drinks that make youngsters edgy and obese. This should not be news, since no one benefits from sports swill. Doctors agree that the best product for hydration is water.