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If Goebbels and Rasputin Had a Baby ….

November 15, 2016

If Goebbels and Rasputin Had a Baby ....

President-elect Donald J. Trump has named noted misogynist and anti-semitic racist propagandist Stephen K. Bannon as his Chief Strategist and Senior Counselor. Mr. Bannon’s role will be stalking the corridors of power and whispering in the president’s ear. If Goebbels and Rasputin had a baby, it would grow up to be Steve Bannon.

Not everyone is pleased with this key appointment:

Fear rises that Bannon could bring the ‘alt-right’ into White House,” Katie Glueck, Politico

“White nationalists’ ‘man in the White House’? Bannon appointment provokes angry rebukes,” Evan Halper, Los Angeles Times

“Critics See Stephen Bannon, Trump’s Pick for Strategist, as Voice of Racism,” Michael D. Shear, Maggie Haberman, and Michael S. Schmidt, New York Times

“After Bannon Appointment, Southern Poverty Law Center Steps Up Fight Against Hate,” Marisa Fox-Bevilacqua, Haaretz

“Trump appointment of Bannon raises ‘white nationalist’ fears,” Demetri Sevastopulo and Sam Fleming, Financial Times

“Glenn Beck: Bannon has ‘clear tie’ to white nationalism,” Mark Hensch, The Hill

“Warren: Steve Bannon’s Appointment Shows Trump ‘Embraces Bigotry,'” Kristin Salaky, TPM Livewire

“Anti-Hate Groups Erupt Over Trump’s Latest Hire,” Rob Garver, The Fiscal Times

“Democrats Condemn ‘White Nationalist’ Bannon’s Appointment,” Christina Flom, Roll Call

Others, on the other hand …

“KKK, American Nazi Party praise Trump’s hiring of Bannon,” Tim Devaney, The Hill

“White Nationalists Rejoice at Trump’s Appointment of Breitbart’s Stephen Bannon,” Stephen Piggott, Southern Poverty Law Center

“White nationalists see advocate in Steve Bannon who will hold Trump to his campaign promises,” Andrew Kaczynski and Chris Massie, CNN

“White Nationalists Are Thrilled With Donald Trump’s Pick Of Steve Bannon As Chief Strategist,” Matt Ferner, Huffington Post

“Giddy white nationalists hail Trump choosing Steve Bannon as his ‘minister of propaganda,'” Brad Reed, Raw Story


“Watchdog Group Alleges Illegal Super PAC Payments To Steve Bannon,” Matt Shuham, TPM Livewire

“What Is The ‘Alt-Right’? A Guide To The White Nationalist Movement Now Leading Conservative Media,” Oliver Willis, Media Matters

“Donald Trump Building Team of Racists,” Jonathan Chait, New York Magazine


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Hot Election News

November 8, 2016

Hot Election News

There is a God, and She has a great sense of humor:

Steve Bannon, the chief executive officer of Donald Trump’s campaign, literally found his pants on fire during a campaign stop in New Hampshire last month, according to a report in the New York Times.

Bannon, who previously served as the executive chairman of Breitbart News, was traveling with Trump on Oct. 28 when FBI Director James Comey sent a letter to lawmakers alerting them that the bureau found emails potentially ‘pertinent’ to the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private server.

While working with other aides to concoct a script for Trump’s teleprompter, Bannon realized that a hot TV light had caused his pants to began to burn.

‘I think my pant leg is on fire,’ said Bannon, according to the New York Times.”

—  “Trump campaign executive’s pants literally caught on fire: report,” Mallory Shelbourne, The Hill [links added]


“All ‘Pants on Fire!’ statements involving Donald Trump,” Politifact


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