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Henry VIII and the NFL

February 15, 2016

Henry VIII and the NFL
Henry Tudor, aka HRH Henry VIII, King of England, Wales, Ireland  & etc. and Supreme Head of the Church of England, was also a musician, composer, poet, firm believer in marriage, and a devoted sportsman. He liked archery, dressage, hawking and hunting, but most of all he loved jousting. HRH suffered jousting accidents in 1524 and 1525, while he was in his thirties. A later jousting accident in 1536 seriously damaged His Majesty’s leg, and Henry’s tyrannical behavior has often been attributed to that injury.

Not so fast, says Yale’s Dr. Arash Salardini; cumulative jousting blows to the helmeted royal head may have caused Traumatic Brain Injury or CTE, just like helmeted NFL players get.