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Snow Shortage in Sochi

February 13, 2014

Snow Shortage in Sochi

Today in Sochi, the Pearl of the Russian Riviera on the Black Sea, the temperature hit 63 degrees Fahrenheit. Nice for folks who came to enjoy the subtropical climatepalm trees, historic hotels and spas, and wide beaches; not so good for the Winter Olympic Games.

The snow cover is so slushy that Olympic officials have tapped into Sochi’s Strategic Snow Reserve. Many Americans would gladly donate the deep snow that currently covers their cars, sidewalks, and roadways, but that’s impractical due to Sochi’s strict “Buy Russian” policy. Shipping snow to Sochi from Russia’s subarctic climate zone via Trans-Siberian Express would take too long; maybe they can use some of those Soviet-era cargo blimps.


“Sunkissed beachgoers strip off in Sochi as hot weather turns ski and snowboard runs into slush,’ Dan Bloom, Daily Mail


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Image: Sochi Intourist Travel Brochure, 1937.

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