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Stranger Thing: New Coke

July 19, 2019

1985: New Coke’s spokesperson was an admired celebrity. One of the two is making a comeback.


“The Day New Coke Came to DC,” Andrew Beaujon, Washingtonian


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Bill Cosby Lands In the Pudding

September 25, 2018

Bill Cosby Lands In the Pudding

Bill Cosby, a once-beloved entertainer now convicted of sexual assault and a registered sex offender, has been sentenced to 3 to 10 years in a Pennsylvania prison. Earlier, Mr. Cosby admitted obtaining Quaalude prescriptions in order to surreptitiously administer the sedative to women so he could have sex with them. Quaaludes, the “date-rape drug” of the Disco Era, were made a controlled Schedule 1 drug in 1985. Bill Cosby made a public service announcement for the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids in 1990.

That’s not the only irony. Bill Cosby’s otherwise family-friendly 1960s comedy act had a routine where he described his teenage fantasy about slipping Spanish Fly, a legendary aphrodisiac, into women’s drinks so he could have sex with them. Nothing funny there, after all.


Dr Cosby’s Prescription

July 7, 2015

Dr. Cosby's Prescription

Bill Cosby’s 1960s stand-up comedy act had a family-friendly reputation, but that overlooks a routine where he described a teenage fantasy about slipping Spanish Fly, a legendary aphrodisiac, into women’s drinks.

In sworn court testimony from 2005 recently obtained by AP, the comedian admitted obtaining seven Quaalude prescriptions in the 1970s:

”When you got the Quaaludes, was it in your mind that you were going to use these Quaaludes for young women that you wanted to have sex with?’ lawyer Dolores M. Troiani asked. ‘Yes,’ Cosby answered ….'”

— “APNewsBreak: Cosby said he got drugs to give women for sex,” Maryclaire Dale, Associated Press.

William Henry Cosby received a Doctorate in Education, but seems to have confused it with Cliff Huxtable’s medical degree.

Quaaludes, the “date-rape drug” of the Disco Era, were made a controlled Schedule 1 drug in 1985. Bill Cosby made a public service announcement for the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids in 1990.


Ben’s Chili Bowl

August 22, 2013

Ben's Chili Bowl

Today is the 55th anniversary of a Washington landmark, Ben’s Chili Bowl. It was celebrated by local fans and a visiting long-time diner, Bill Cosby. Washingtonians are also celebrating another DC holiday, Chuck Brown’s birthday. Half-smokes all around!