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The Best of the ‘Best of 2022′ Lists

December 12, 2022

The Best of the ‘Best of 2022′ Lists
2022 “Year-In-Review” lists you may have missed:

“Top Lobbyists 2022,” The Hill

“The 8 Most Brain-Melting, Chronically Online Internet ‘Scandals’ of 2022,” Kevin Hurler, Gizmodo

“Best Inventions of 2022,” Time

“The 20 Best Horror Movies of 2022,” Paste Magazine

“The Best Video Games of 2022,” Richard Newby, Time

“Top10 Best WWE Superstars Wrestlers 2022,” Amanpreet Singh, SportsUnfold

“‘AudioFile’ Magazine’s Best Audiobooks of 2022,” Jim Milliot, Publishers Weekly

“The Top 10 TikToks You Couldn’t Stop Watching This Year,” Passant Rabie, Gizmodo

“The 10 Best Anime Of 2022,” Isaiah Colbert, Kotaku

“The Best Poetry of 2022,” Elisa Gabbert, New York Times

“Top Japanese baby names 2022,” Japan Data

“The 10 best comics of 2022,” Susana Polo, Polygon

“Best Heated Blankets 2022,” Caroline Igo, CNET

“The Best Cookbooks of 2022, From Wok Manifestos to Dessert Bibles,” Adam Rothbarth, Vice

“Top 10 K-12 school food service stories of 2022,” Tara Fitzpatrick, Food Management

“Top 10 Archaeological Discoveries of 2022,” HeritageDaily

“The 19 Best Swimsuit Brands of 2022,”Dobrina Zhekova, Travel + Leisure

“Best Snowshoes in 2022,” Josette Deschambeault, Explorersweb

“2022’s Best Hacks, Cybersecurity Breaches, and Leaks, Ranked,” Lucas Ropek, Gizmodo

“Top 10 healthcare dining stories of 2022,” Mike Buzalka, Food Management

“Top 10 Patient Safety Concerns 2022,” Emergency Care Research Institute (ECRI)

“The 10 best-selling weed strains of 2022,” Amelia Williams, Leafly

“The top 10 hacks and cyber security threats of 2022,” Olivia Powell, Cyber Security Hub

“Top 10 personal tax stories of 2022,” Lynnley Browning, Financial Planning

“Worst Countries To Live in 2022,” World Population Review

 “Top 10 Chinese architecture projects of 2022,” Christina Yao, Deezen

“Odd 2022: The 10 oddest Guinness World Records of the year,” Ben Hooper, UPI

“The Most Compelling Science Graphics of 2022,” Amanda Montañez, Scientific American

“Top 10 NASCAR Paint Schemes Of 2022,” Luken Glover, Frontstretch

“Striking findings from 2022,” Katherine Schaeffer, Pew Research Center

“Most Popular Cookie Recipes of 2022,” Nina Moskowitz, Bon Appétit

“Top 10 ADHD News & Research Highlights of 2022,” ADDitude

“The Best & Worst Places for Expats in 2022,” InterNations

“Best Rechargeable Hearing Aids Of 2022,” Jessica Lester and Megan Bilodeau, Forbes Health

“Top 10 Data Center Energy Stories of 2022,” Kate Shapiro, Data Center Knowledge

“The 7 Best Pizza Stones of 2022,” Tanya Edwards, Better Homes & Gardens

“The biggest Pinocchios of 2022,” Glenn Kessler, Washington Post

“The best comic books of 2022,” Christian Holub, Entertainment Weekly

“The 79 Best K-Pop Songs of 2022,” Teen Vogue

“The Biggest Medical Breakthroughs of 2022,” Ed Cara, Gizmodo

“Best bat flips of 2022,” MLB on YouTube

“The Whoppers of 2022,”

“The Best Photos From Mars in 2022,” Isaac Schultz, Gizmodo

“The 20 Best Red Carpet Fashion Moments of 2022,” Carolyn Twersky, W Magazine

“Best Emergency Power Stations of 2022,” Tony Carrick, Futurism

“Top 10 Worst Toxic Algal Blooms of 2022,” EIN News

“2022’s Best And Worst TikTok Food Trends, From Butter Boards To NyQuil Chicken,” Taylor Tobin, HuffPost

“Top 10 trucking toys of 2022,” John G Smith,

“The Top 10 Scams of 2022, According to the Government,” Jody Serrano, Gizmodo

“The Best Book Covers of 2022,” Jason Kottke,

“The Best Architecture Interviews of 2022,” by Romullo Baratto and Diogo Simões ( translator), ArchDaily

“The 50 Best Cover Songs of 2022,” Cover Me

“18 Cringey And Hilarious Corrections From News Outlets In 2022,” Emerson Malone, Buzzfeed News

“15 Best Experiences in Theme Parks and Fan Destinations 2022,” Sabina Graves, Gizmodo

“Top 10 LPGA moments in 2022: A stirring revival, a stunning collapse and big-money Sundays,” Beth Ann Nichols, Golfweek

“Boxing’s best of 2022: The knockouts, fights and fighters of the year,” ESPN

“New Netflix Christmas Movies in 2022 Ranked from Best to Worst,” Delia Harrington, Den of Geek

“The 10 Best Anime Of 2022,” Isaiah Colbert, Kotaku

“Cigar Aficionado Reveals the Best Cigars of 2022,”Maxim

“The Ten Best Basketball Shoes of 2022,” Pat Benson, SI FanNation

“The top 10 MedTech Regulatory Stories of 2022,” Chris Newmarker, MassDevise

“List of top 10 Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (2022),” Stuti Titus, JagranJosh

“The 9 Best Fast Food Comebacks of 2022,” Angela L. Pagán, The Takeout

“Top 10 Plant-Based Food Marketing Moves of 2022,” T.L. Stanley, AdWeek

“Top 10 Epidemiology Stories for 2022,” Kate Bishop-Williams, Healthnews

“The Most Mesmerizing Video Game Box Art Of 2022,” Isaiah Colbert, Kotaku

“The Top 10 Inequality Victories of 2022,” Sarah Anderson,

“Gender Equality in 2022: The Best, The Worst, The Most Surprising, And The Most Ridiculous,” Sia Nowrojee, United Nations Foundation

“See the Hottest Celebrity Bikini Moments of 2022: From Gwyneth Paltrow to Victoria Beckham,” Samantha Holender, US Magazine

“The 10 Best Chrome Extensions of 2022, According to Google,” Khamosh Pathak, Lifehacker

“Best Turkey Calls of 2022,” Josh Honeycutt, Field & Stream

“The Top 10 Judicial Review and Civil / Commercial Appellate Cases of 2022,” Torkin Manes LLP, Lexology

“The Juiciest (Alleged) Cheating Scandals Of 2022,” Tomi Obaro, BuzzFeed News

“Best ‘Tourism Villages’ of 2022,” World Tourism Organization (UNWTO)

“The 10 Best Things We Bought at Trader Joe’s in 2022,” Mackenzie Filson, Kitchn

“The Best of 2022 on Entomology Today,” Entomology Today

“Popular global TikToks of 2022,” Max Barnhart and Estefania Mitre, Goats and Soda, NPR

“The Coolest Archaeological Discoveries of 2022,” Isaac Schultz, Gizmodo

“The Top 10 Busiest Airports Of 2022,” James Pearson, Simple Flying

“Top 10 new species of 2022,” Dr. Martin Cheek, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

“Who Lost the Least? Top Performing Crypto Assets of 2022,” Tim Hakki, Decrypt

“Top 10 Kickboxers of 2022,” Timothy Wheaton, MMA Sucka

“The Top Retractions of 2022,” Ellie Kincaid, Retraction Watch, The Scientist

“The Worst Technology of 2022,” Antonio Regalado, MIT Technology Review

“The Top Ten Dinosaur Discoveries of 2022,” Riley Black, Smithsonian Magazine

“The Best and Worst Marketing Stunts of 2022,” Rebecca Deczynski, Inc.

“Top 10 Animal Victories of 2022,” International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW)

“The Most Important Art Events of 2022,” ARTnews

“Who attracted the most attention in the political world in 2022,” Philip Bump, Washington Post

“The Best Photos From Mars in 2022,” Isaac Schultz, Gizmodo

“Yes, It Was Down: The Top 10 Internet Outages of 2022,” Chandra Steele, PC Magazine

“The Most Scathing Book Reviews of 2022,” Dan Sheehan, Literary Hub

“10 of the Deadliest Natural Disasters in 2022,” Brianna Navarre, US News & World Report

“Top 10 Underrated Astronomy Papers of 2022,” Paul M. Sutter, Nautilus

“The Year in Review: Fashion’s Biggest Moments of 2022,” José Criales-Unzueta, Vogue

“Most Compelling Science Graphics of 2022,” Amanda Montañez,  Scientific American

“The Worst tweets of 2022,” Gawker

“Top 10 health insurance stories of 2022,” Jakob Emerson, Becker’s Payers Issues

“The 8 Worst Food Trends We Should Leave in 2022,” The Takeout

“5 Of The Best Powerlifting Athletes In 2022” Alex Polish, BarBend

“The 13 Worst Health and Fitness Trends of 2022,” Beth Skwarecki, Lifehacker

“6 Weird and Wild Animal Behaviors Revealed in 2022,” Andrea Thompson,  Scientific American

“Ten of the most popular fact checks of 2022,” Glenn Kessler, Washington Post

“Top 10 COVID-19 stories for pulmonologists in 2022,” Kristen Dowd, Healio Pulmonology

“The 15 best shots of the year from the 2022 PGA Tour season,” Luke Kerr-Dineen, Golf Digest

“The Best Whiskies From Around the World in 2022,” Kirk Miller, InsideHook

“The Top 10 Cannabis Marketing Moves of 2022,” T.L. Stanley, Adweek

“The top 10 science stories of 2022,” Ross Pomeroy, Big Think

“22 Of The Best Wedding Photos Of 2022,” Kelsey Borresen, HuffPost

“The Best Audiobooks of 2022,” Lauren Christensen, New York Times

“The Best Animated TV and Movies of 2022,” James Whitbrook, Germain Lussier, et al., Gizmodo

“The 10 most bizarre celebrity apologies of 2022,” Ashley Fetters Maloy, Washington Post

“Fourteen Discoveries Made About Human Evolution in 2022,” Ryan McRae and Briana Pobiner, Smithsonian Magazine

“The 7 Most Important Athletes of 2022,” Will Leitch, New York Magazine

“The best movies of 2022 … you may not have seen,” Adrian Horton, Catherine Shoard, Scott Tobias, et al., The Guardian

“The Most Disappointing Gadgets of 2022,” Michelle Ehrhardt, Florence Ion, and Andrew Liszewski, Gizmodo

“Here Are The Messiest Kardashian Controversies And Scandals Of Of 2022, From All The Photoshop Fails To Their Out Of Touch And Entitled Comments About Work From out-of-touch business advice to multiple photoshop fails, this year has been nothing short of drama for our favorite family.” Leyla Mohammed, BuzzFeed News

“6 Best Corkscrews of 2022,” Melissa Vogt, Food & Wine

“What did Tucker Carlson defend in 2022?” Adam Gabbatt, The Guardian

“The Weirdest Medical Cases of 2022,” Ed Cara, Gizmodo

“50 wonderful things from 2022,” Linda Holmes, NPR

“The 100 Best Documentaries of 2022,” Christopher Campbell, Nonfics

“Batgirl to Wagatha: 15 flops and blunders in culture in 2022,” Steven McIntosh, BBC News

“Top 10 Breakthroughs of the Year for 2022,” Hamish Johnston, Physics World

“The 41 Most Defining Memes Of 2022,” Julia Reinstein, Ikran Dahir, and Steffi Cao, BuzzFeed News

“The 20 Best Tabletop Roleplaying Games of 2022,”Linda Codega, Gizmodo

“Florida Man 2022: The bizarre arrests made this year by law enforcement,” Fox 35 Orlando News

“Drugs hidden in candy, gun in a chicken: TSA’s weirdest finds of 2022,” By Andrea Sachs, Washington Post

“The Best Movie Posters of 2022,” Jason Kottke,

“The Top 100 Close-up Photographs of the Year 2022,”

“Oops! The Worst Political Predictions of 2022,” Zack Stanton, Politico

“The Top 10 Inequality Victories of 2022,” Sarah Anderson,

“Top 10 Title Sequences of 2022,” Lola Landekic. Art of the Title

“The 100 best male footballers in the world 2022,” The Guardian

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Image (“Best of 2022, after an 1895 Engraving”) by Mike Licht. Download a copy here. Creative Commons license; credit Mike Licht,

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The Best of the ‘Best of 2021′ Lists

December 30, 2021

The Best of the ‘Best of 2021′ Lists

2021 “Year-In-Review” lists you may have missed:

“Best face masks of 2021: Doctors share their favorite masks,” Nicole Saunders, NBC News

“The 20 best podcasts of 2021,” Hannah J Davies and Rachel Aroesti, The Guardian

“The Best Sweatpants of 2021,” Sean McCoy, Gear Junkie

“8 of the best TikTok accounts from 2021 to follow,” Kaitlin Hatton, The Verge

“The 8 Best TV Shows of 2021 for Entrepreneurs,” Zack Miller,

“The 10 best memes of 2021, from Bernie Sanders in gloves to Aaron Rodgers’ face,” Charles Curtis, USA Today

“The Best Wellness Products of 2021, According to You,” Tiffany Hopkins, Bon Appétit

“The 10 Best Boxed Wine Brands for 2021,” Mark Stock, The Manual

“13 Best Dog Food Subscription Boxes (2021),”Adam Bryan, Urban Taste Bud

“The biggest Pinocchios of 2021,” Glenn Kessler, Washington Post

“Best Sneakers of 2021: Top Sneaker Releases of the Year,” Bredan Dunne, Riley Jones, Zac Dubasik, Matt Welty, Ben Felderstein, and Mike Stefano, Complex

“The Most Disappointing Gadgets of 2021,” Gizmodo

“The 10 weirdest celebrity apologies of 2021, from a ‘seductive’ Bible dance to making fun of Madonna,” Emily Yahr, Washington Post

“The Best Movies That Didn’t Release In 2021,” Charles Cameron, Screen Rant

“10 of the Deadliest Natural Disasters in 2021,” Brianna Navarre, US News & World Report

“The Best Book Covers of 2021,” Matt Dorfman, New York Times

“Gastro Obscura’s Favorite Cookbook Stories of 2021,” Sam O’Brien, Gastro Obscura

“Best cryptocurrencies of 2021 that delivered mindblowing returns of up to 51,000%,” Pawan Nahar, The Economic Times

“Here are the best vanity plates I spotted across Rhode Island in 2021,” Antonia Noori Farzan, The Providence Journal

“The best Canadian poetry of 2021,” CBC

“The 50 Best Cover Songs of 2021,” CoverMe

“The best stuff we didn’t report in 2021: Our staff’s year-end notebook dump,” Golf

“College football bowl game gift bags: the best and worst of 2021,” James Dator, SBNation

“15 Best Video Game Characters of 2021,” Daire Behan, GameRant

“The Best Beauty Looks From Music Videos in 2021,” Gabi Thorne, Allure

“Striking findings from 2021,” Katherine Schaeffer, Pew Research Center

“The 11 Coolest Archaeological Finds of 2021,” Isaac Schultz, Gizmodo

“The Worst Political Predictions of 2021,” Zack Stanton, Politico

“2021’s Top Five Oddities Of America’s Broken Redistricting Process,” Kate Riga and Matt Shuham, TalkingPointsMemo 

“The Best Swells of 2021,” Matt Pruett, Surfline

“Worst Climate Disasters of 2021 Included Heat, Drought, Flooding – Even a Deep Freeze,” By Jan Wesner Childs, The Weather Channel

“The top data breaches of 2021,” Maria Henriquez, Security Magazine

“The Top 10 Beers of 2021,” Untappd

“Notable Deaths of 2021,” Washington Post

“10 Things That Didn’t Suck About 2021,” Lauryn Schaffner, Loudwire

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Image (“Best of 2021, after an 1895 Engraving”) by Mike Licht. Download a copy here. Creative Commons license; credit Mike Licht,

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The Best of the ‘Best of 2020′ Lists

December 10, 2020

The Best of the ‘Best of 2020′ Lists

2020 “Year-In-Review” lists you may have missed:

“The 10 Best Mechanical Pencils in 2020,” Jonathan Tayag, Everyday Carry

“19 Best Hand Sanitizers Of 2020, According To Doctors,” Jennifer Nied, Women’s Health

“The 30 Best Hard Seltzers of 2020,” Tim McKirdy and Danielle Grinberg,VinePair

“The 10 Best GIFs of 2020,” Vogue

“Top 10 art installations of 2020,” designboom

“Here’s the Top 10 TikTok songs of 2020,” Jazmin Duribe, PopBuzz

“The Best Poetry of 2020,” Elisa Gabbert, New York Times

“The Wildest Media Corrections Of 2020,” Sarah Schweppe, Drusilla Moorhouse, and Emerson Malone, BuzzFeed News

“The best face masks for running outside in 2020,” Amanda Capritto, CNet

“The top 10 data breaches of 2020,” Maria Henriquez, Security Magazine

“Five of 2020’s Top Climate Grifters,” Dharna Noor, Earther

“Best Forehead Thermometers in 2020,” Jodi Owan, Android Central

“Oh God, the Worst Passwords of 2020 Are Here and They’re Horrifying,” Catie Keck, Gizmodo

“The 15 Best Board Games of 2020,” Keith Law, Paste

“The Best Snowshoes of 2020,” Ian Standard and Mallory Paige, GearJunkie

“The 5 Best Pulse Oximeters of 2020,” Rachael Schultz, VeryWellHealth

“The Best Public Art of 2020,” Artsy

“The craziest work-from-home expenses of 2020,” Michael Cohn, Accounting Today

“2020 Top 10 Innovations, The Scientist

“Best webcams 2020: top picks for working from home,” Carrie Marshall, TechRadar

“The Best Undistributed Films of 2020,” Eric Kohn, IndieWire

“Bottom of the barrel: Worst crowdfunding campaigns of 2020,” Michael Irving, New Atlas

“Fauci’s ‘wear a mask’ plea tops list of 2020’s most notable quotes,” Lee Brown, New York Post


The Best of the ‘Best of 2018′ Lists

December 12, 2018

The Best of the 'Best of 2018′ Lists

2018 “Year-In-Review” lists you may have missed:

“The 10 Best Podcasts of 2018,” Nicholas Quah, Vulture

“The Top 10 Most Tweeted About Celebrities of 2018,” Megan McCluskey, Time

“Top Ten Best Instant Noodle Cups 2018,” Hans Lienesch, The Ramen Rater

“The 50 Best Wines of 2018,” VinePair

“The Best 18 Beers of 2018,” Jamie Bogner and John Holl, Beer & Brewing

“Best Sparkling Water and Carbonated Water Reviews of 2018,” Freshnss

“The best cookbooks of 2018,” Paula Forbes, Houston Chronicle

“The Best Meal Kit Delivery Services of 2018,” Cassidy Olsen, Reviewed

“America’s 75 Best Hot Dogs for 2018 Gallery,” The Daily Meal

“The Top 10 Trump World Dining Controversies of 2018,” Jessica Sidman, Washingtonian

“The Best of 2018’s Bad Restaurant Reviews,” Monica Burton, Eater

“The Best Movies Directed by Women in 2018,” Abby Gardner, Glamour

“2018 Best of Design Awards winners for Infrastructure,” The Architects Newspaper

“10 Best Virtual Reality Headsets,” Matt Malmlund, Heavy

“7 products nobody asked for in 2018,” Aditi Shrikant, Vox

“The best robot vacuums of 2018,” Connor Whooley, USA Today

“The Top Pets Names of 2018,” Stacey Leasca, Travel + Leisure

“The best film soundtracks of 2018,” Katie Rife, Clayton Purdom, A.A. Dowd, and Alex McLevy, AV Club

“The 10 best movies you didn’t see in 2018, but should,” Carrie Wittmer, Insider

“The Best Video Essays of 2018,” Meg Shields, Film School Rejects

“20 Best Bollywood Hindi Movies of 2018,” Anmol Ahuja, Cinemaholic

“10 Worst Movies of 2018,” Peter Travers, Rolling Stone

“The Best Movie Villains of 2018,” Max Covill, Film School Rejects

“The Best Movie Posters of 2018,”

“The best movie and TV stunts of 2018,” Adam Epstein, Quartzy

“The Steamiest Sex Scenes Of 2018,” Abbey Maxbauer, Refinery29

“‘Truth isn’t truth’ tops list of notable quotes in 2018,” Associated Press

“The 5 best poetry collections of 2018,” Elizabeth Lund, Washington Post

“The 25 Best Comic Books of 2018,” Steve Foxe, Hillary Brown, Caitlin Rosberg & C.K. Stewart, Paste

“The 75 Best Book Covers of 2018,” Emily Temple, LitHub

“Spinning spiders, leopard eels, red coral: Noteworthy new species discovered in 2018,” Jane C. Hu, Vox

“7 bad science and health ideas that should die with 2018,” By Julia Belluz, Brian Resnick, and Umair Irfan, Vox

“The Biggest Junk Science of 2018,” Ross Pomeroy, Real Clear Science

“Top Retractions of 2018,” The Scientist

“The top space stories of 2018,” Ashley Strickland, CNN

“Top 10 Emerging Technologies of 2018,” Scientific American

“The greatest security innovations of 2018,” Eric Adams and Corinne Iozzio, Popular Science

“The weirdest places we found scooters in 2018,” Megan Barber, Curbed

“The Top 10 Stolen Vehicles In Canada In 2018,” Sarah Lombardo, MTL Blog

“The 9 best camper vans of 2018,” Megan Barber, Curbed

“The 10 Best Car Interiors in 2018,” Bryan Campbell, Gear Patrol

“The 10 Best Video Games of 2018,” Jake Swearingen Vulture

“The 10 best video game soundtracks of 2018,” Ayyab Amin, Lewis Gordon, and Scott Wilson, Fact Magazine

“The Best Classical Music of 2018,” Anthony Tommasini, Zachary Woolfe, Joshua Barone and Seth Colter Walls, New York Times

“The 9 best new drum machines and samplers of 2018,” MusicRadar

“The 10 Best Metal Albums of 2018,” Jason Roche, LA Weekly

“The Best Rap Albums of 2018,” Pitchfork

“Barack Obama’s best of 2018 playlist,” The Week

“Best Irish pop music of 2018,” Una Mullally, Irish Times

“The Worst Music Moments of 2018,” Treble

“Women in Music 2018: The Most Powerful Executives in the Industry,” Billboard

“The World’s Most Powerful Women In Business 2018,” Vicky Valet, Forbes

“The Most Powerful Women In Finance In 2018,” Kristin Stoller, Forbes

“The Best and Worst CEOs of 2018,” Samuel Stebbins, Evan Comen and Grant Suneson, 24/7 Wall Street


The Best of ‘The Best of 2017′ Lists

December 19, 2017

The Best of ‘The Best of 2017′ Lists
2017 “Year-In-Review” lists you may have missed:

“The Best Metal Albums Of 2017,” Doug Moore, Stereogum

“The Best Snowshoes of 2017,” Outside

“10 Worst Business Names of 2017,” Emily Canal,

“Top-10 Hip-Hop Sneaker Collabs Of 2017,” Kyle Rooney, HotNewHipHop

“The Best Philosophy Books of 2017,” Nigel Warburton,

“Barack Obama’s favorite books of 2017,”

“The 15 Best Comics of 2017,” io9

“The 10 Best Ads of 2017,” Tim Nudd, Ad Week

“2017 Top 10 New Species,” ESF International Institute for Species Exploration

“Silicon Valley’s Worst Apologies of 2017,” Melanie Ehrenkranz, Gizmodo

“Biggest Celebrity Breakups of 2017,” ETonline

“9 Most Hated Soap Opera Couples Of 2017,” Dorathy Gass,

“The Best Art of 2017,” Roberta Smith, Holland Cotter, Jason Farago, New York Times

“The 10 Best Graphic Novels Of 2017,” Rob Salkowitz, Forbes

“The Most 2017 Photos Ever,” Alan Taylor, The Atlantic

“Instagram’s Favorite New Yorker Cartoons of 2017,” Emma Allen, The New Yorker

“27 Best Moments For Women in 2017,” Hannah Smothers, Cosmopolitian

“The Best Stories By Women In 2017,” Kaitlin Cawley, Margaret Wheeler Johnson, and Gaby Moss, Bustle

“Top 10 moments for women’s rights in 2017,” Global Fund for Women

“10 Best WWE Women’s Wrestlers Of 2017,” WhatCulture

“The worst fashion fads of 2017,” Janine Puhak, Fox News

“2017: 10 of the Year’s Top Fashion Lawsuits,” The Fashion Law

“The 10 Design Trends Of 2017 That Need To Die,” Diana Budds, FastCoDesign

“The 12 best architecture controversies of 2017,” Architect’s Newspaper

“16 Of The Most Amazing Celebrity Eyebrow Transformations Of 2017,” Julie Gerstein, Buzzfeed

“The Top 10 Science Stories of 2017,” Andrea Gawrylewski, Scientific American

“The Most Significant Science Setbacks of 2017,” Kristen V. Brown, Gizmodo

“Top 10 weird science stories of 2017,” Australian Science Media Centre

“The Biggest Junk Science of 2017,” Real Clear Science

“The 50 Biggest Pop Culture Food Moments of 2017,” Andrew Parks, Food & Wine

“14 of the most atrocious fast food creations from 2017,” Jennifer Machin, Mashable

“The top Google searches of 2017,” Axios

“Top 10 NHL bloopers of 2017,” Kyle Cantlon, Yahoo Sports

“The 10 Worst Data Breaches of 2017,” Adam Stone, Security Magazine


The Best of ‘The Best of 2016′ Lists

December 12, 2016

The Best of ‘The Best of 2016′ Lists

2016 “Year-In-Review” lists you may have missed:

“10 Best Air Jordan Releases Of 2016,” Kyle Rooney, Hop New Hip Hop

“The Best Snowshoes of 2016,” Outside

“Instagram’s Best of 2016,” David Cohen, Social Times

“Top 10 religious liberty stories of 2016,” Don Byrd,

“The biggest tech turkeys of 2016,” Roger Cheng,

“The 10 Most Popular Viral YouTube Videos of 2016,” Raisa Bruner, Time

“The Best Horror Movies of 2016,” Noel Murray, Screencrush

“The 65 BEST Drugstore Beauty Products of 2016,”Sue Williamson, Tina Ferraro, Sarah Wu, and Emily Gaynor Teen Vogue

“The best tiny houses of 2016,” Adam Williams, New Atlas

“Top 10 cultural buildings of 2016,” Design Boom

“The 16 Greatest Facial-Hair Moments of 2016,” Adam Hurly, GQ

“10 Breakthrough Technologies 2016,”  MIT Technology Review 

“The Best Classical Music of 2016,” Anthony Tommasini, Zachary Woolfe, Corinna de Fonseca-Wollheim, David Allen, and James R. Oestreich, New York Times

“The 20 Best Metal Albums of 2016,”  Alex Di Stefano, OC Weekly

“The top baby names of 2016,” WTOP Radio

“Leaders of the pack! Here are the top dog names of 2016,” Randee Dawn, Today

“The 10 most potentially dangerous toys of 2016,” Atlanta Journal-Constitution

“OSHA’s Top 10 Most Cited Violations for 2016,” Tom Musick, Safety+Health Magazine

“The Top 10 Worst Songs of 2016,” Time

“5 Best Latin Music Videos Of 2016: From Gente De Zona To Thalía,” Joan Wallace, Latin Times

“The best movie trailers of 2016,” A.A. Dowd, A.V. Club

“Most overpaid actors of 2016 revealed,” Luke Morgan Britton, NME

“The 10 most important employment law cases in 2016,” Stephen Simpson, Personnel Today 

“The Best Book Jackets of 2016,” David Canfield, Slate

“The 10 Best Comic Books of 2016,” Abraham Riesman, Vulture

“The Best Self-Published Books of 2016,” Huffington Post

“Top 10 YA and Children’s Books,” Sarah Begley, Time

“Best poetry collections of 2016,” Elizabeth Lund, Washington Post

“The 25 Best Rap Verses Of 2016,” Collin Robinson, Stereogum

“10 meme themes of 2016,” Randi Stevenson, Chicago Tribune

“10 Amazing Scientific Discoveries of 2016,” Jonathan H. Kantor, Listverse

“The Top 16 Junk Science Stories Of 2016,” Alex Berezow, American Council on Science and Health

“The 18 Best Celebrity Bodies on 2016,” Adam Hurly, GQ

“The Best TV Hair in 2016: See Who Made the Cut!” Sadie Gennis, TV Guide

“TOP 10 temporary structures of 2016,” Design Boom

“The Best Marijuana Stocks in 2016,” Keith Speights, The Motley Fool

“The Best, Worst, and Weirdest Fast-Food Creations of 2016,” Dan Myers, The Daily Meal

“Top 2016 Legal and Regulatory Trends in Dietary Supplement Industry,” Natural Products Insider


The Best of ‘The Best of 2015′ Lists

December 30, 2015

The Best of ‘The Best of 2015′ Lists

2015 “Year-In-Review” lists you may have missed:

“The Best Snowshoes of 2015,” Berne Broudy, Outside

“The 30 Best Fashion Magazine Covers of 2015,” Chantal Fernandez, Fashionista

“The biggest tech turkeys of 2015,” Zack Whittaker and Jason Perlow, ZDNet

“The Top 10 Sports Media Feuds of 2015,” Matt Yoder, Awful Announcing

“The absolute worst ads of 2015,” Brad Reed, BGR

“The Biggest Selling Manga Issues of 2015,” Brian Ashcraft, Kotaku

“Top 10 museums that opened in 2015,” Designboom

“Top Healthcare Construction Projects of 2015,” Susan Morse, Healthcare Finance

“10 Best Green Buildings of 2015,” FastCoExist

“Top 10 motorhomes and caravans of 2015,” C.C. Weiss, Gizmag

“The Top Celebrity Homes of 2015,” Zillow, via Forbes

“The 17 Biggest Celeb Real Estate Stories Of 2015,” Marshall Bright, Refinery29

The Most Significant Title and Foreclosure Cases of 2015,” New York Law Journal via LI Business Group News

“Most Popular Baby Names of 2015,” Baby Center

“The Most Popular Dog Names Of 2015,” Kate Bratskeir, Huffington Post

“The 38 Most Awkward Dogs Of 2015,” Chelsea Marshall, Buzzfeed

“The Best Video Game Dogs of 2015,” Stephen Totilo, Kotaku

“Top 6 Freediving Videos Of 2015,” By Jennifer Palmer, Deeper Blue

“Top 10 Best Underwater Photographers in the World,” TopTeny

“Best of 2015: Top 10 PC Game Graphics,” Jonathan Leack, Game Revolution

“50 best healthcare quotes of 2015,” Emily Rappleye, Becker’s Hospital Review

“The 9 Donald Trump Quotes Of 2015 That Defied All Expectations & Brought American Politics To A New Low,” Hillary E. Crawford,  Bustle

“Top 5 Best Animes of 2015,” Natalie Duffy, Cultured Vultures

“Best Broadway or Theatre Books 2015,” Dom O’Hanlon, London Theatre

“The 10 Best Stand-up Comedy Specials of 2015,” Garrett Martin, Paste

“Top lobbying victories of 2015,” Megan R. Wilson, The Hill

“The 8 Best Publicity Stunts of 2015,” Graham Winfrey, Inc.

“The best and worst journalism of 2015,” David Uberti, CJR

“The Year in Fungi,” Nicola Twilley, The New Yorker

“The Best and Worst Oreo Flavors of 2015,” Nicole Perry, PopSugar

“Top 10 scientific discoveries of 2015,” Michelle Hill, UPI


The Best of ‘The Best of 2014′ Lists

December 31, 2014

The Best of ‘The Best of 2014′ Lists

2014 “Year-In-Review” lists you may have missed:

“Top 10 Least Reliable Cars of 2014,” Jason Siu, AutoGuide

“Best of Lacrosse 2014,” Lacrosse Magazine

“Top 10 Best Bollywood On Screen Kisses Of 2014,” Business of Cinema

“The 14 most glorious posts on Craigslist in 2014,” Jessica Contrera, Washington Post

“17 worst selfies of 2014,” Brian Koerber, Mashable

“Top 10 Misguided Climate Deniers’ Quotes of 2014,” Mitch Jones, Food & Water Watch

“The top 10 graphic novels of 2014,” Michael Cavna, Washington Post

“Top 10 New Species of 2014,” Jeffrey Kluger, TIME

“NASCAR: Best Pit Crews And Crew Members Of 2014,” Christopher Olmstead,

“Cricket in 2014: 10 memorable moments,” Mike Selvey, The Guardian

“Top 10 temporary structures of 2014,” DesignBoom

“Top 10 worst candidates of 2014,” Jessica Taylor and Cameron Joseph, The Hill

“Top 5 Egregious Political Fails of 2014,” Patrice J. Lee, Independent Women’s Forum

“The 10 best moments in political comedy this year,” Kali Holloway, Salon

“The Top 10 Vinyl Releases of 2014,”

“Top 25 Best Fuzz Pedals of 2014,” Gabriel Tanaka,

“14 striking findings from 2014,” George Gao, Pew Research Center

“Barbara Walters: ‘The 10 Most Fascinating People of 2014,'” ABC News

“The 25 Most Intriguing People of 2014,” People Magazine

“The Least Influential People of 2014,” Drew Magary, GQ

“The Best Science Books of 2014,”  Maria Popova, Brain Pickings

“The Five Best Anime of 2014,” Richard Eisenbeis, Kotaku

“The best (and worst) commercials of 2014,” Joshua Rivera, Entertainment Weekly

“The top 27 GoPro videos of 2014,” Brian Koerber, Mashable

“The 6 best classical music viral videos of 2014,” Daniel Ross, Classic FM

“The 12 Most Stylish Music Videos of 2014,” Alyssa Vingan, Fashionista

“10 Great, Underrated Movies From 2014,” Jason Bailey, Flavorwire

“Top 20 most pirated movies of 2014,” Todd Spangler, Boston Herald

“Top 10 Toys of 2014,” Eliana Dockterman, TIME

“2014 ’10 Worst Toy’ List,”

“11 of the Worst Policy Ideas of 2014,” Wonkblog staff, Washington Post

“Top 5 Russian military innovations of 2014,” Tatyana Rusakova, Russia & India Report

“The 10 Most Memorable New Products of 2014,” Kristina Monllos, AdWeek

“The 10 most tasteless sales items of 2014,” Cliff Weathers, Salon

“Best Tall Buildings of 2014,” Adam Williams, GizMag

“Top 101 Convenience Stores of 2014,”

“11 Remarkable Health Advances From 2014,” Alexandra Sifferlin, TIME

“The 8 Most Bogus health claims of 2014,” Julia Belluz, Vox

“The 20 Best Comedians of 2014,” Hudson Hongo, Paste

Best poetry books of 2014,” Don Share, Boston Globe

“The five best Romance novels of 2014,” Sarah MacLean, Washington Post

“Best of 2014: Biggest Bromances,” Kamala Kirk, E! Online

“The Top 10 Celebrity Weddings of 2014,” Kristen Klein, Bridal Guide

“The Best Wrestlers of 2014,” Kyle Dunning,

“The 20 Best K-Pop Songs of 2014,” Jeff Benjamin and Jessica Oak, Billboard

“The 2014 Top Ten Higher Education List,” Robert Kelchen, College Guide

“The 19 Best TV Couples Of 2014,” Shaunna Murphy , MTV News

“Notable deaths of 2014 from the worlds of technology, science & inventions.” Bob Brown, NetworkWorld

“Best of 2014: Kate Middleton’s Most Regal Styles This Year,”  Lindsey Sirera, E! online

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“Politics Dominates the Top Ag and Food Stories of 2014,” Peggy Lowe, Tri-States Public Radio

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The Sexiest Female Athletes of 2014,” Hilary Sheinbaum, Men’s Fittness

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The Best of ‘The Best of 2013’ Lists

December 31, 2013

The Best of the 'Best of 2013' Lists

2013 “Year-In-Review” lists you may have missed:

“10 Best Sneakers of 2013,” Daryl Nelson, Boombox

“Top 10 Meat Scandals of 2013,” Global Meat News

“The 11 Most Influential Fictional Characters of 2013,” TIME Magazine

“Best of 2013: Top Wardrobe Malfunctions of the Year,” Jordanna Ossad, E! Online

“America’s 10 Best Protected Bike Lanes of 2013,” Michael Andersen, PeopleForBikes.prg

“10 Best Metal Videos of 2013,” Loudwire

“The Biggest Public Health Stories of 2013,” Atif Kukaswadia, Public Health Perspectives

“TV’s coolest new women of 2013,” Maria Elena Fernandez, Today NBC

“Highest Auction Prices 2013: Fine Art,” Bloomberg

“The year in insults: 2013′s best put-downs,” Aisha Gani, The Guardian via Raw Story

“Top 5 Google Doodles of 2013,” Priyankee Saikia,

“The best and worst media errors and corrections in 2013,” Craig Silverman,

“Best Telugu Actors of 2013,” Sangeetha Seshagiri, International Business Times

“10 Top Clean Energy Stories of 2013,” Sierra club via

“Best of 2013: This Year’s Top Twerkers,” John Boone, E! Online


Best of the ‘Best of 2011’ Lists

December 20, 2011

Best of the 'Best of 2011' Lists

Year-end review lists you might have missed:

“The 45 Best Mugshots Of 2011,” Matt Stopera, Buzzfeed

“Top 10 Physics Breakthroughs of 2011,” Hamish Johnston, Physics World

“Best of 2011: 10 Recycled art pieces made using discarded metal,” Dipan Saha, Green Diary

“The 11 Best History Books of 2011,” Maria Popova, brian pickings

“Reeeemix! The 10 Best Hip-Hop Remixes of 2011,” Chris Yuscavage, Vibe

“Top 10 pundit do-overs of 2011,” By Keach Hagey, Politico

“Top 10 sex scandals around the world from 2011,” Hanna Ingber, GlobalPost

“Ward’s Auto announces its 10 best engines for 2011,” Wayne Cunningham, CNET

“Hack List 2011,” Alex Pareene, Salon