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‘Ex-Jihadi” Baptist Seminary President Removed

June 30, 2010

'Ex-Muslim' Baptist Seminary President

Self-described Jihadi-turned-Christian evangelist Ergun Caner will not have his contract renewed as President of Baptist Liberty University Seminary. He was caught telling little white parables as Gospel truth.

Liberty U was founded by the late televangelist Jerry Falwell, pastor of Thomas Road Baptist Church, who also started the Moral Majority. He who selected Dr. Caner to head the seminary in 2005. The current LU Chancellor is Jerry Falwell, Jr., son of the founder; it was he who removed Dr. Caner from his post.

Ergun Caner claimed he was born into a strict Muslim family in Turkey, learned to hate America and Christians, and was instructed in jihad before his conversion to fundamentalist Christianity. Praise the Lord — except that Dr. Caner was born in Sweden, moved to Ohio when he was 4 years old; when his parents divorced, he lived with his mother, a Lutheran. He became an evangelical Christian as a teen, so perhaps that was the jihad he meant.