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NFL Makes Arizona Do The Right Thing

March 1, 2014

NFL Makes Arizona Do The Right Thing

The National Football League pressured Arizona Governor Jan Brewer into doing the right thing for the wrong reason. Mrs. Brewer vetoed the ill-conceived “Religious Freedom for Bigots” bill, the separate-but-equal homophobic-apartheid measure passed by her state’s legislature. The NFL, itself still learning tolerance for sexual minorities, threatened to relocate the next Superbowl from the University of Phoenix Stadium to a more inclusive state. Other huge corporations said they were reconsidering doing business in the Grand Canyon State, and the convention and business meeting forecast started to look cloudy.

Concepts like “equal access to places of public accommodation” likely mean nothing to Mrs. Brewer, but she surely remembers her state’s loss of business when Arizona passed a racist immigration law and earlier when it refused to recognize the King Holiday.