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Brett Kavanaugh’s High School Reunion

November 1, 2018

Brett Kavanaugh's High School Reunion

Mark Judge and “Squi” didn’t show up, but Justice Brett Kavanaugh hung out at Georgetown Prep’s Reunion last weekend, attending Friday’s Stag Night and the Homecoming game on Saturday. There was plenty of beer, but not for the judge:

“At one point during the football game, Justice Kavanaugh prepared to pose for a picture with former classmates. First, though, he instructed everyone to put down their beers, according to a person who witnessed the exchange (Justice Kavanaugh didn’t appear to be drinking.). “

— “Back at Georgetown Prep, Kavanaugh Is Hailed as a Hero,” Kate Kelly, New York Times


“Justice Brett Goes To High School Reunion, Class Praised For Its ‘Loyalty,’” Elie Mystal, Above the Law


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Legacy Admissions

October 18, 2010

Legacy Admissions

Colleges call them “legacy admissions,” high school students who get admission preference because their parents are rich alumni. A new publication edited by Richard D. Kahlenberg calls them what they are: Affirmative Action for the Rich.