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Endowed Chair in Quackery @ University of Aberdeen

May 8, 2012

Endowed Chair in Quackery @ University of Aberdeen
“The University of Aberdeen is considering establishing a chair in a form of alternative medicine described by one expert as ‘pure quackery.’

 Aberdeen’s governance and nominations committee is considering whether to establish a chair in ‘integrative health care and management,’ to be funded primarily by an anthroposophical clinic.

 According to Edzard Ernst, professor of complementary medicine at the University of Exeter, anthroposophy was founded in the early 20th century by Austrian spiritualist Rudolf Steiner. Ernst said that anthroposophical drug treatments were based on the movement’s beliefs about the interplay between physiological and spiritual processes in illness and healing. One example is the use of mistletoe to treat cancer, which is based on the observation that, like cancer, mistletoe is a parasitic growth that eventually kills its host.

Describing anthroposophical medicine as ‘pure quackery,’ Ernst said there was no robust evidence for its effectiveness, with some reports suggesting that mistletoe treatment offered ‘considerable potential for harm.'”

— “‘Holistic’ Research or ‘Quackery’?” Paul Jump, Times Higher Education via Inside Higher Ed

Think it can’t happen here? It has.

“Anthroposophic medicine at the University of Michigan? Say it ain’t so!” Respectful Insolence


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Olympic™ Ski Cheese

February 14, 2010

Olympic™ Ski Cheese

Photogenic Olympic™ skier Lindsey Vonn has created a culinary opportunity, trying to heal her bruised leg by applying fresh curd cheese. She calls the soft stuff by it’s Austrian name, topfen, but the cheese is also known as quark, quargTvaroh, Tvorog and curd-cheese. Fresh cheese aroma is too subtle for a marketable celebrity fragrance, so it’s time to profit by cookin’ up some celebrity ski cheese recipes.