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Hell-Bent for Election

March 2, 2023

“Hell-Bent for Election,” a political animation for the 1944 presidential election, funded by the United Auto Workers, promoting President Franklin D. Roosevelt (the fast express train) over Republican oppontent Thomas Dewey (the tired old steamer). Voters are encouraged not to “fall asleep at the switch.” It’s also a “win the war” message.

Directed by Chuck Jones and written by Robert Lees, with music by Earl Robinson and lyrics by E.Y. “Yip” Harburg. Narrated by Marvin Miller. The is the first production of United Productions of America (UPA), made in founder Zack Schwartz’s apartment. UPA made training films during WWII, won Academy Awards for its post-war theatrical cartoons, and later transitioned to television. UPA was active up through the 1970s.

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