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In Mid-Pandemic, Trump Challenges Obamacare in Court

June 29, 2020

In Mid-Pandemic, Trump Challenges ObamaCare in Court

On Thursday, in a literal 11th-hour brief, an hour before a midnight deadline, the Trump administration asked the Supreme Court to invalidate the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, and strip healthcare from 23 million Americans during the COVID-19 pandemic. Thursday also marked the largest single-day increase in diagnosed Coronavirus cases in the U.S. to date, the day when the CDC admitted that coronavirus cases may be 10 times higher than reported.


“Trump Administration Asks Supreme Court to Strike Down Affordable Care Act,” Sheryl Gay Stolberg, New York Times

“Trump administration asks Supreme Court to strike down Obamacare,” Meagan Flynn and Tim Elfrink, Washington Post

“Trump, Intent on Self-Destruction, Asks Supreme Court to Kill Obamacare,” Ed Kilgore, New York Magazine


“Obamacare Versus the G.O.P. Zombies,” Paul Krugman, New York Times


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Here Comes TrumpCare

March 28, 2019

Here Comes TrumpCare

Fresh from being not exonerated, legal titan Donald Trump has decided that the Affordable Care Act is unconstitutional, probably because the ACA is often called “ObamaCare.” After conferring with Dr. Mick Mulvaney and senior faculty at Trump University Medical School, the President proposes replacing the ACA with … nothing.

While this will leave 20 million Americans without health insurance and put 100 million at risk, people with preexisting conditions will get exactly the same coverage.


“Trump Administration reverses course, supports decision to strike down ACA,” Kevin Truong, MedCityNews

“White House Obamacare reversal made over Cabinet objections,” Eliana Johnson and Burgess Everett, Politico

“Trump’s all-or-nothing ACA gamble,” Sam Baker, Axios

“The Trump approach to healthcare: Break it and figure out the rest later,” Jon Healey, Los Angeles Times

“Trump: GOP will have replacement if Obamacare is struck down, but no plan is in sight,” John T. Bennett, The Hill

“McConnell to Trump: Health care’s all yours,” Burgess Everett, Politico

“Kevin McCarthy tells Trump new health care push makes no sense,” Jonathan Swan, Sam Baker, and Alayna Treene, Axios

“Donald Trump is very committed to taking away your health insurance,” Sarah Kliff, Vox

“Health insurer stocks fall after Trump administration seeks overturn of Affordable Care Act,” Bertha Coombs, CNBC


“Trump’s health care agenda is a legal disaster,” Dylan Scott, Vox

“By striking at Obamacare, Trump could unravel his own drug pricing proposal,” Emily Kopp, Roll Call


Wheelchairs in the Snow

February 3, 2016

Wheelchairs in the Snow

“Wheelchair users say that in the aftermath of the Jan. 23 blizzard, they were an afterthought in snow cleanup efforts, as curb cuts remains buried in snow, bus stops blocked, and alleys impassable while road crews prioritized clearing the roads.

The responsibility under D.C. law to shovel curb cuts lies with the adjacent property owner, whether a homeowner, business, or public building. With large snow banks everywhere, an open curb usually is the only way a wheelchair user can get on or off the sidewalk. But even when curbs are shoveled after the initial snows, passing plows just cover them up again with mounds of snow.

‘The curb cut issues don’t get addressed in the strategic cleanup that the city does,’ said Ian Watlington, a disability rights worker and motorized wheelchair user. ‘All I am asking, and I think most people with disabilities are asking, is to be part of the strategic…conversation of, what are we going to do once that plow passes?’”

— “Wheelchair Users Say They Are Forgotten In Blizzard Cleanup Efforts,”  Martin Di Caro, WAMU News


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Photo by Mike Licht. Download a copy here. Creative Commons license; credit Mike Licht,

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Little Burgers, Big Buns

September 13, 2011

Little Burgers, Big Buns

A White Castle hamburger weighs 2 ounces. Martin Kessman weighs 290 pounds. Mr. Kessman loves his White Castle burgers, but complains that he can’t fit into the seats at the eatery, so he is suing the company under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Mr. Kessman, a 64-year-old New York stockbroker, says his complaints to the company have been met with promises, condescension, and hamburger coupons so, after two years, he is bringing suit in Federal court. We do not know if his case has legal merit, but it’s been a juicy Double Slider® for headline writers:


New Pet Bathrooms at DC Airports

July 10, 2010

New Pet Bathrooms at DC Airports

Washington DC’s Reagan National Airport now has “pet relief areas” so traveling dogs can go to the bathroom. Similar facilities just opened at nearby Dulles Airport, including one in the post-security area. Dogs are equally relieved at Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport (BWI). In fact, jet-set puppies poop at many U.S. airports.