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Voyager Space Probe Survives From the Age of Disco

September 14, 2017

Voyager Space Probe Survives From the Age of Disco

The NASA Voyager space probes were launched in 1977, the Age of Disco. They’ve been staying alive for 40 years, and are now 13 billion miles from Earth, traveling through deep interstellar space. NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory is celebrating the anniversary with free commemorative posters.

See the  Voyager film, The Farthest, on PBS.


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Starbucks at 40

March 8, 2011

Starbucks at 40

It’s Starbucks’ 40th anniversary (rubies, nasturtiums). To celebrate, the 17 billion thousand Starbucks locations in the known universe will start selling whoopee pies, health products, and booze. They will also offer special, limited-time products like Starbucks Tribute Blend coffee and some kind of donut-hole-on-a-stick.