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flickr Video is “The New Coke”

April 11, 2008

flickr Video is the New Coke

The “No Video on flickr” movement is not (well, not entirely) a bunch of Luddites whining about the invention of moving pictures. The huge “No Video on flickr” protest (30,000 members and counting) is probably the reason for any slight service delays on the flickr site, not 90-second video uploads.

flickr is the most well-regarded photo-sharing community on the web (full disclosure: I am a flicker Pro subscriber). Why the precipitate change to include video? Parent company Yahoo is desperate to add value to corporate assets before an impending corporate take-over. This short-term attempt to pump up stock value is poor long-term strategy, and while that is of no concern to a Yahoo management eager to sell, the user community is understandably concerned. Any flicker corporate purchaser should be, too.