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December 6, 2008


WTF? A UFO on Capitol Hill? NotionsCapital’s Mike Licht was an eye witness:

At 5 PM today I was on Barracks Row, walking toward Pennsylvania Avenue, SE. Looking to my left, I saw a round or spherical shape in the sky, back-lit in the dusk, when the sky is lighter at higher elevations.

Lighting conditions made it hard to judge size (weather or barrage balloon? Hot air balloon? Blimp headed towards or away from me?) and distance (over the Mall, SW or NW DC, Georgetown or Arlington?).  I wasn’t carrying a camera, of course.


People Meters

November 20, 2008

People Meters

FCC Commissioner Jonathan Adelstein sent a protest letter to FCC Chair Martin calling for investigation of Arbitron’s “Portable People Meter”ratings. The new radio audience rating system uses a “Portable People Meter or PPM, a small gizmo that automatically tracks individual radio usage. Ratings using the new system reduce audience size rankings of Urban Contemporary music and Spanish language stations. Commissioner Adelstein and others wonder if the new system under-rates minority station audiences.


Number FIVE? DC Can Do Better!

May 14, 2008

Number FIVE? DC Can Do Better!

What kind of freakin’ jerks put this Road Rage List together anyway?  A list of the worst road rage cities and DC is only number 5? What’s with that? 

Okay, Miami pulls out in front, claro, and New York if you count taxis, but the Washington area cut off by lousy Boston and Baltimore?  Boston drivers are cream pie since they finished that Big Dig, and Charm City drivers have been soft-shelled ever since Cantown got gentrified.


DC Dems Debate and Broadcast (New Update)

February 7, 2008

 DC Dems Debate and Broadcast -- New Update

(Image: Mike Licht,

This evening (Thursday, February 7, 2008) Washington’s Ward Six Democrats host a forum featuring designated representatives of Presidential contenders Senator Hillary Clinton and Senator Obama at Westminster Presbyterian Church, 400 I Street SW, Washington, DC 200024 at 6:30pm – 8:30pm.

Councilmember Tommy Wells will represent Senator Obama (he’s just a bit taller); Senator Clinton’s representative will be Peter Rosenstein of the Washington, DC for Hillary Steering Committee.

Moderated by Mark Segraves of WTOP radio, the debate will be broadcast on WTOP (103.5 FM and 820 AM) but broadcast details (Live? In entirety or highlights only? Sound bites?) are unknown at this time.

What we do know: Refreshments will be served. The event is co-sponsored by the D.C. Young Democrats.

(From a Ward 6 Democrats email)

A Modest, if Exasperated, Proposal

January 23, 2008

A Modest, if Exasperated, Proposal 

I give up. Editors and Metro Desk reporters are clearly untrainable.

J Schools obviously don’t teach Geography anymore, and reporters today are much too hip to have been scouts with Orienteering Merit Badges or use GPS systems as anything but Happy Hour locators.

Therefore, regard the map above.

Do it. We’ll wait. tap-tap. tap-tap. Ready? Okay.


Pantsless Judge Loses Gown

October 23, 2007

Panel Judges Judge’s Temperament.

Roy Pearson Jr. will not have his appointment as an administrative law judge extended, according to Keith L. Alexander of the Post and WTOP radio.

A closed-door committee of the D.C. Office of Administrative Hearings ruled that the Judge, world-famous for his $54 million lawsuit against the drycleaners who allegedly lost a pair of his pants, will not have his initial two-year appointment extended for another decade. The committee reviewed Pearson’s work and the lawsuit insofar as it indicates his temperament as a judge.

The ruling will not be official until Pearson receives an official letter about the ruling, which may take a week.

Pearson’s two-year term as an administrative law judge expired in April, and he has continued on the DC payroll as an adviser for the D.C. Office of Hearings, the agency that oversees administrative law judges.

Image by Mike Licht. The Court will be seated, pantsless or not.

Winter in Acapulco for DC Citizens – Free!

October 19, 2007

Acapulco Go Go, Y’All! Northeast Inna House!

Free Acapulco vacations this winter for everyone in Washington, DC!

Here’s my plan:

Citizens of the District of Columbia pay taxes but, due to a little Constitutional faux pas, a tiny 200-year-old gaffe, they aren’t represented in Congress.

Let’s intensify our constant pestering about this teeny little oversight and quote the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, Federalist Papers and other tiresome anachronisms until we finally annoy enough really powerful people so much they finally make Congress “retrocede” Washington to another state to give DC citizens Congressmen and Senators with votes and get us to shut up.

Unlike recent proposals imposing DC on Maryland, though, let’s force Congress to follow strict historical precedent and stick Washington onto the Old Dominion, the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Horrified, the Virginia General Assembly will immediately declare all DC citizens Official Aliens.


Ballou and Burma

October 12, 2007

“. . . a real dialogue that leads to a peaceful transition to democracy.”

Last Week, First Lady Laura Bush addressed a Senate Foreign Relations subcommittee about her deep concern for the peaceful democracy activists in Burma and the “shameful” crackdown on protests by young monks.

Yesterday she threw a reporter out of the White House for asking if the Washington, DC high school students she was honoring should aspire to be in the U.S. House of Representatives.

If Mrs. Bush can make official statements about democracy for the young people of Burma, she can answer a perfectly reasonable question about democracy for the youngsters of her nation’s capital.

The young members of the Ballou Band watched the First Lady, a professional educator, eject a reporter for exercising a constitutionally protected right, for asking a question about their own rights and future.

Mrs. Laura Bush taught the members of the Ballou High School Band a Civics lesson they will never forget.

Great Moments in Media Management – HR Dept.

September 22, 2007

This just handed me . . . a pink slip.

WTOP Radio reporter Ira Mellman and anchor Diane Kepley couldn’t log back onto the station’s computer system. They called tech support, but management responded instead. There was a simple reason Mellman and Kepley were denied access: they had been fired.

— thanks to Dave Hughes at DCRTV.COM

UPDATE: Dave Hughes reports that former WTOP afternoon news anchor Diane Kepley has been hired as a news anchor for Associated Press Radio.