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UDC Community College — Tabula Rasa

February 17, 2009

UDC CC -- Tabula Rasa

The University of the District of Columbia is starting a two-year community college. So far, all DC citizens have is a press release and the name of the CC-UDC CEO, Dr. Eurmon Hervey.

NotionsCapital asked Dean Dad, the veteran community college administrator who blogs at, what he would do if he could start a new two-year institution from scratch. His predictable reaction: “Ooooh, fun!” Then:  

“I’d hold the line on mission creep and set a cap of maybe ten programs for the entire college. (That’s a ballpark figure – could be eight, could be twelve.) “


DC’s Community College Has a CEO But No Students or Campus

February 17, 2009

DC's Community College Has a Staff But no Students or Campus
Dr. Eurmon Hervey (photo:

The University of the District of Columbia is spinning off a two-year community college. The controversial new school has no students yet, but Dr. Eurmon Hervey has been appointed to head the new institution.

Dr. Hervey is the former assistant state superintendent for post-secondary education and work force readiness in  DC’s State Office of Education and has served as UDC’s Acting Provost for the past year. The last appointment was not admired by some members of the  UDC faculty, but critics think the community college job may be a better fit.