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Adios, Duncan Hunter

January 21, 2008

 Adios, Duncan Hunter

Adios, Duncan Hunter. I feel so guilty. If only I had been able to work with him before he quit the Republican Presidential race. I’ve been helping presidential candidates with alternative fundraising strategies, as a public service and an excuse to avoid making personal cash donations. Even though Mr. Hunter was a one-issue candidate, that’s no problem. People will buy tickets to see a one-trick pony if the trick is good enough.


McCain’s Sweet Song of Success (Update)

January 8, 2008

McCain's Sweet Song of Success -- Update

[Update 9AM January 9, 2008] A big win for Senator John McCain, whom the conventional wisdom had grown to favor in the New Hampshire Republican primary in the past week. Mitt Romney trailed by five percent.

With 96 percent of precincts reporting, AP reports McCain with 37 percent of the vote, Romney 32 percent, Huckabee 11, Giuliani 9 percent, Ron Paul 8 percent and Duncan Hunter one percent. Tom Tancredo (who has withdrawn from the race) got less than one percent, as did Alan Keyes and another twelve candidates unknown to the general public

Tom Tancredo’s Big Announcement

December 20, 2007

TomTancredos Big Announcement

Congressman Tom Tancredo (R-CO) is going to make a major announcement today.

When a presidential candidate with miniscule poll numbers and even less money schedules a “Major Announcement,” odds are he will drop out.

I feel so guilty. If only I’d had time to advise Tom earlier. I have been helping candidates find alternative ways to raise money. Money, Lifeblood of Democracy. I have freely given my expert advice to candidates of both parties out of a sense of civic duty and so they stop trying to get personal cash donations from me. I also know our nation’s vital broadcasting, newspaper, robo-telephone and direct mail industries depend on the billions of campaign dollars sluicing through them under the delusion that voters care about this stuff.