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Did Scott McClellan Read My Blog?

May 30, 2008

NotionsCapital ran this graphic on November 17, 2007
(Enlarged here because you won’t believe it):

 Did Scott McClellan Read My Blog?

Either Scott McClellan reads my blog or I am as prescient as I think I am.

Actually, Mr. McClellan telegraphed his book’s content back in November, but that was back around Thanksgiving, and the media has the attention span of cranberry jelly.

By the way, Ryland Sanders’ “Scottie Says” Web site is still up and running. Generate some new Scottie quotes for yourself. Mine is still good.

Image above by Mike Licht. Download a version here. Creative Commons license; credit Mike Licht, and leave the says-it URL



Scott McClellan Helps Small Business

November 21, 2007

Scott McClellan Helps Small Business 

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He is now a Senior Adviser to a global technology firm and a Washington Communications Strategist, but former White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan is helping a small Texas business this Thanksgiving.