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Mike’s Big Money Politics: The Smell of Success.

October 21, 2007

Donations accrue power through arcane Masonic ritual 

In today’s installment, Mike helps Rudy Giuliani.

Throughout the world, New York harbor’s Statue of Liberty symbolizes Freedom and opportunity, something tourists to this great national shrine ponder as they are searched by private Wackenhut security contractors. Millions of immigrants, fleeing poverty and foreign oppression, once gazed with awe upon this breathtaking sight, aware that soon they would be welcomed to their new land with open arms and a thorough delousing.

I am sure the immigrant grandparents of Rudolph William Louis “Rudy” Giuliani III, Knight of the British Empire, Esq., looked through their tears at the august figure of Lady Liberty and asked “Dove è l’infante santo?” They couldn’t have guessed that little Rudy, their grandson, would grow up to be a crime-busting DA, a Republican, “America’s Mayor,” a partner in dubious but highly remunerative corporations and a well-compensated speaker at sales meetings throughout this great land.