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Ted Cruz: The Cruzade Begins

March 22, 2015

Ted Cruz: The Cruzade Begins

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) will announce that he is a candidate for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination today. The venue? Liberty University (“Training Champions for Christ since 1971“), founded by the late televangelist Jerry Falwell, not known for religious tolerance or compassion. Mr. Cruz should feel right at home. His Dad, Rafael Cruz, is a Texas evangelical pastor who makes Jerry Falwell look like Mister Rogers.

There should be a substantial crowd for the senator’s appearance at the Vines Center, since the event is a Liberty University Convocation. All LU students who live on campus are required to attend these convocations, which occur three times a week.


God, Guns, Grits and Snake Oil

March 22, 2015

God, Guns, Grits and Snake Oil

Now that Mike Huckabee has left Fox News, he’s financing his presidential campaign in an unconventional way.  He sent out an email pitch for a dubious diabetes cure based on ingredients found in cinnamon buns.


You Won’t Have Mitt Romney to Kick Around Anymore

January 30, 2015

You Won't Have Mitt Romney to Kick Around Anymore
To paraphrase Richard Nixon, you won’t have Mitt Romney to kick around anymore.


Republican Recycling

January 13, 2015

Republican Recycling

Tan, rested and ready: Willard Mitt Romney, failed Republican presidential candidate, one-term Massachusetts Governor, dancing horse ownercorporate looter and job-destroying private equity exec. What’s not to like? Get ready America, the 2016 presidential election starts now.


Bachmann Eyes 2016 Presidential Run

July 25, 2014

Bachmann Eyes 2016 Presidential Run

Congress-creature Michele Bachmann, the “Crazy Eyes” Republican currently representing the 6th District of Minnesota, the Planet Mars, the Tea Party Caucus, and the voice of the Lord, is considering another run for the presidency of the United States. God Bless America.


 “Michele Bachmann: ‘There’s a chance I could run’ for President in 2016,” Terence Cullen, New York Daily News

“Michele Bachmann on running for president: ‘There’s a chance,'” Scott Conroy, RCP via CBS News

“What’s behind Michele Bachmann’s 2016 tease,” Abby Ohlheiser, Washington Post


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Top image (“The Eyes Have It”) by Mike Licht. Download a copy here. Creative Commons license; credit Mike Licht,

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Rick Santorum Aspires to Higher Office

March 16, 2013

Rick Santorum Aspires to Higher Office

Former Senator Rick Santorum delivered a rousing sermon to the CPAC congregation on Friday. He was quite emotional, upset over his failed Christian Theocracy campaign for the 2012 GOP presidential nomination and his defeat in this week’s election in Rome. Mr. Santorum had done quite well in the papal primaries but lost to fellow Italian American Jorge Mario Bergoglio.

So Rick Santorum will continue doing the Lord’s work as lobbyist for spiritual advisor to America’s corporate masters. Until the next conclave or election, anyway.


“The Pope of Pennsylvania,” Marie Burns, NY Times Examiner

“Rick Santorum’s son defeated in (class) presidential campaign,” Kristen A. Lee, New York Daily News


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Image by Mike Licht. Download a copy here. Creative Commons license; credit Mike Licht,

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And Now a Word From Karl Rove

November 29, 2012

And Now a Word From Karl Rove

Karl Rove, formerly Bush’s Brain, spent the last four years milking billionaires to fund huge PACs to defeat the Democratic president and congressional candidates. He spent the  last year spending all that loot. Post-election return on investment for his American Crossroads Super-PAC? 1.29%. No wonder he can’t handle the truth.

He also can’t handle the paperwork. His Crossroads GPS organization never filed as a charitable organization in its home state of Virginia, as required by law. Crossroads GPS raised and spent tens of millions of dollars. Fee to register with Virginia’s Office of Charitable and Regulatory Programs: $325.

“Karl Rove’s Crossroads GPS Never Filed Legally Required Registration,” Josh Israel, Think Progress


‘Math You Do As A Republican To Make Yourself Feel Better’

November 11, 2012

Carl Rove argued with Fox News number-crunchers on election night when they declared President Obama the victor, so snippy Megyn Kelly asked Carl a question about his own numbers:

“Is that math you do as a Republican to make yourself feel better, or is it real?”

Now it’s time to ask the same question about the Ryan Budget. The GOP tried to solve problems with trickle-down math before, most recently under our MBA President, George W. Bush. That  Republican Math added up to The Great Recession, and America can’t recover from it with more Republican Math.

The nonpartisan Congressional Research Service recently reviewed 65 years worth of Republican Math and found that “Supply Side” trickle-down didn’t work. Carl Rove didn’t argue with the facts then; Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans did. They tried to suppress the CRS study but you can read it here.


“Karl Rove’s Math that mades Republicans Feel Better until Reality Set In (Daily Show Video),” Juan Cole, Informed Comment

“Rove’s War with Fox’s Nerds: The Backstory,” Elspeth Reeve, The Atlantic Wire


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President Romney Demands Financial Disclosure

November 8, 2012

President Romney Demands Financial Disclosure

The Transition Team website for President-Elect Willard Mitt Romney had a sneak preview yesterday, and Political Wire’s Taegan Goddard saved a few screenshots before it went dark again. Looking for a job in the Romney Administration? “Government service is not for everyone,” warns the site, which also cautions:

“The financial holdings and sources of income for most applicants under serious consideration must be disclosed for review for possible conflicts of interest, and any conflicts must be remedied by divestiture, creation of special trusts, etc.”

This from a man who refused to release his own tax information.

Like his economic policies (tax cuts for the rich, corporate deregulation), Mr. Romney appears to have cribbed this from George W. Bush. The Bush transition site language is identical.

This is sad news for Rafalca Romney, a galloping favorite for Cayman Islands Ambassador. Told to turn over tax returns, Rafalca replied “Whoa!”


Election Predictions

November 8, 2012

Election Predictions

Every four years, media celebrities participate in America’s World Cup of punditry by predicting the winner of the U.S. presidential election. So how did they do?



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