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Nevada Oddsmakers Take a Pasadena on Dems

January 19, 2008

Nevada Oddsmakers take a Pasadena

The smart money in Nevada was on Republican Romney — lots of Mormons in Nevada, natch — but oddsmakers took a pass on the Democratic caucus contest conclusion. The Clinton — Obama bout is shaping up as the predicted slugfest, too close to call.

 Romney was projected as the Silver State Champeen at about 1PM eastern, but no one sees a clear Democratic winner yet.


Mike’s Big Money Politics: Ante Up

October 26, 2007

I’ll see you and raise you an ambassadorship.

In this Installment, Mike helps Barack Obama.

Every four years Democracy squares its big shoulders and takes a deep breath as this Great Nation begins an exercise unparalleled in the Free World, a marathon of mammoth proportions, a colossal contest of formidable free-fall fundraising, followed by an election.

This enormous enterprise eventually establishes a Chief Executive, but the billions spent during the endeavor underwrite our entire television, radio, bumper-sticker and bulk mail industries, and what’s really more important to you, personally?

This process is the wonder of civilization. Civilized people everywhere wonder just what in blazes we are doing. Candidates sacrifice family relationships, energy, health, principles and pride as they beg for the money needed to realize their lofty vision of free public housing on Pennsylvania Avenue.


Saturday AM TV: Jump. It’s Fun!

September 1, 2007

Jump. It’s fun. Jump. It’s Easy! Watch Parcheesi on theTV!


The NBC TV network has a late-night broadcast of four people sitting around playing cards.

We might expect this from niche cable programmers like ESPN-Poker or Poker TV (PTN), but a card game on NBC?

Kids still learn to play cards on rainy vacation days in places where there’s (gasp) no WiFi or TV and they’re out of Gameboy batteries. Some kids even learn to play Parcheesi, Chutes and Ladders, Monopoly, and Clue.

Children’s broadcasters: take a clue from Poker After Dark. Stop those computer-animated Saturday morning kids’ shows. Televise four kids playing Parcheesi. Have players interviewed on strategy by Elmo or Big Bird instead of slinky Shana Hiatt. Don’t use Barney, though. He just doesn’t get it. He wants everyone to win.