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Paul Ryan: We Have a Wiener!

August 12, 2012

Paul Ryan: We Have a Wiener!
Finally, there’s a winner in the Republican Veepstakes. Mitt Romney’s VP running mate is Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan (R, WI-1). He once drove the Wienermobile for Oscar Meyer, and that was his last honest job. He’s peddled his bologna as a DC political hack ever since.


The ‘Floating World’ of Minneapolis

October 31, 2011

The 'Floating World' of Miinneapolis

The Minneapolis Institute of Arts has 3,000 Japanese woodblock prints from the Edo period (1600–1868). These “pictures of the floating world”or ukiyo-e feature famous beauties, Kabuki actors, landscapes, floral studies, heroes, and spirits. The collection includes work by masters like Harunobu, Kiyonaga, Utamaro, Shunsho, Sharaku, Toyokuni, Hokusai, and Hiroshige.  Some of the best prints are on exhibit through January 8, 2012, along with the work of modern artists inspired by them.

Edo Pop: The Graphic Impact of Japanese Prints, Minneapolis Institute of Arts

“Eye-popping prints from Japan’s Edo period,” Emma Mustich, Salon
(An interview with exhibition curator Matthew Welch)

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Image (“Hummer in the Snow, after Torii Kotondo”) by Mike Licht. Download a copy here. Creative Commons license; credit Mike Licht,

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Wanted — Vegan Spies

May 22, 2008

Wanted -- Vegan Spies

At loose ends since the Kucinich presidential campaign? Eschew animal flesh? Like the Twin Cities? Will you need work after hanging at this summer’s Jam Band festivals? Do those head nods mean “yes?” Then the U.S. Department of Justice has a job for you! Be a Vegan Spy for the FBI!


Strain on the Aging Infrastructure

August 29, 2007

More strain on aging infrastructure

Long before the I-35W Bridge collapsed into the Mississippi on August 1st, we heard lots about America’s Aging Infrastructure.
When it comes to the infrastructure of the human body, we know that nothing shortens longevity like excess weight.

When it comes to our roadways, bridges and highway overpasses, that excess weight has a short name: SUV. These things weigh over 3 tons. If they don’t, owners can’t get their tax breaks.
While not all private vehicles strain infrastructure as much as the 5-ton H1 Hummer, engineers of the past did not anticipate thousands of suburban commuters in Ford Expeditions (unloaded weight: 5420 lbs.).

SUVs are not just a danger on the road; they are a danger to the road.

Maybe there’s obesity surgery for SUVs

Bridge Saboteurs Identified

August 24, 2007

Feed ‘em and you aid the terrorists!

The Interstate 35W bridge collapse in Minnesota:  was it sabotage? Experts claim corrosive pigeon guano weakened the metal of the collapsed bridge span, according to an Associated Press report.

Another reason to declare open season on these foul feral feathered fiends.