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UDC Community College — Tabula Rasa

February 17, 2009

UDC CC -- Tabula Rasa

The University of the District of Columbia is starting a two-year community college. So far, all DC citizens have is a press release and the name of the CC-UDC CEO, Dr. Eurmon Hervey.

NotionsCapital asked Dean Dad, the veteran community college administrator who blogs at, what he would do if he could start a new two-year institution from scratch. His predictable reaction: “Ooooh, fun!” Then:  

“I’d hold the line on mission creep and set a cap of maybe ten programs for the entire college. (That’s a ballpark figure – could be eight, could be twelve.) “


Welcome, DC Commuters

February 10, 2009

Welcome DC Commuters

Rich Green of Arlington, Virginia is upset. He drives his car across the Potomac to his job in Washington, DC five days a week and there are potholes in the road.

“Most of the potholes seem to stick around for months, and they can get to be more than six inches deep,” he wrote to the Washington Post. “Who is responsible for this section of road, and why don’t they repair the potholes …?” he asked.

Mr. Green did not ask who is responsible for causing the potholes or suggest who should pay for repairs.

Others fill in these potholes lacunae in Mr. Green’s complaint:


Inauguration Day 2-Wheel Deal — Free Bike Valet Parking

January 14, 2009

Inauguration Day 2-Wheel Deal -- Free Bike Valet Parking

Bicycle buffs claim the best way to get to the Inauguration is on two wheels. Like everything else about this historic event, that remains to be seen.

One advantage bicyclists will  definitely have is free valet parking. Details (courtesy of the Washington Area Bicyclist Association) here.

Better RSVP. The Washington City Paper reports over 1,300 bike valet RSVPs to date. As far as we know at this time, bikes parked and locked outside the security perimeter of the parade area will not be removed by police unless they are obstructing traffic.

WABA has other bike-related Inauguration Day info on that event web site. Check back frequently — this unique special event has lots of inter-connected moving parts that will need last-minute tweaks, like a persnickety gear assembly on an untested touring bike. Remember: Security rules are always subject to change and reinterpretation, and it may rain.

A few bike bits:

Bikes are banned from the Metrorail subway system from January 17th through the 20th, but a couple of bikes can be hooked to the front of each Metrobus.


Free Cars in DC?

September 22, 2008

Free Cars in DC?

Free Cars in DC? Of all the environmentally irresponsible, profligate celebrations, especially now when so many people can’t afford gasoline to . . . .


It’s Car Free DC Day. Everybody is biking, walking, skating, taking the bus and metrorail. Circulator buses are free.

There’s a Car Free Day Street Celebration from 11am to 3pm at 7th & F Streets NW with live music, yoga classes (we often commute via yoga), giveaways, Segway and SmartBikes demos and test rides, and free bike tune-ups. Free valet bike parking is available (though our  valet never rides bikes).

Image mashed by Mike Licht.

New Metro Shuttle Bus?

August 27, 2008

New Metro Shuttle Bus?
New Metro Shuttle Bus (artist conception)

16 million passengers will travel on U.S. airlines on Labor Day Weekend, August 27th to September 3rd. What better time to rip up the Metrorail tracks serving Washington, DC’s Ronald Reagan National Airport?

The crack planners of the  Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) have developed an ingenious strategy to accomplish those track repairs with a minimum of traveler discomfort: they’re not flying anywhere themselves.


Metrorail Labor Day Death Wish?

August 26, 2008

Metrorail Labor Day Death Wish?














It’s a good thing that nobody flies in or out of Washington, DC on Labor Day Weekend, or Metrorail would be in trouble. That’s when track work is scheduled on the Yellow and Blue lines, the ones that go to Ronald Reagan National Airport.

Luckily, people are in no hurry to catch their planes at National, because the track work delays won’t be indicated on Metro’s state-of-the-art Trip Planner. And people flying into National are so refreshed and cheerful, without any bulky luggage, so they will be amused that Metro explains: “The stations will remain open, but the track between them will be closed . . . .”


Tonight — 007 Joins ATF in NOMA

July 24, 2008

Tonight --- 007 Joins ATF in NOMA

Join Roger Moore (as James Bond) with Topol, Carole Bouquet, Lynn-Holly Johnson, and lots of babes and bad guys in For Your Eyes Only (1981) tonight at dusk (ca. 8PM), right across the street from the new ATF HQ in NOMA. 

If you don’t have the encryption device 007 is looking for in the film, ATF is the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (99 New York Ave. NE), and NOMA is the DC neighborhood North Of Massachusetts Avenue, and the NOMA BID (Business Improvement District) now claims this is Capitol Hill North. What this claim means: Calling NOMA “Capitol Hill North” means the District of Columbia has no official neighborhood boundaries and the NOMA BID is funded by real estate salesmen.

And now, back to tonight’s movie: take the Red Line Metro to the New York Avenue station, cross New York Avenue, and there you are. Bring a blanket or a low lawnchair.

If you have another clandestine assignment tonight, there are Bond films each Thursday through August 28th, same time and place.


 Image mashed up by Mike Licht, who likes this poster better.

Welcome Tourists

June 7, 2008

Welcome Tourists

Temperatures are back in the 90s, so it’s time to welcome the big summer wave of tourists to our Nation’s Capital. While DC tourists cannot expect to enjoy the colorful level of verbal abuse they get in New York, tourists outnumber Washingtonians sixty-to-one, and they can really get on the nerves of DC natives. Here are some summer suggestions to Washingtonians on the care and handling of tourists. Caution — the small ones bite.

1. Do not throw tourists off Metro escalators when they stand on the left instead of walking. Be considerate. Thrown tourists tend to heap up at the foot of escalators, where other riders may trip or slip on them.


No Quarter!

March 1, 2008


Writers handle rejection well (they better) but this stung. Not only did the D.C. Government reject my design for our quasi-state’s commemorative U.S. quarter (above), the U.S. Mint rejected  D.C.’s “Taxation Without Representation” design as “too controversial.” This is apparently the first coin proposal in the entire “State Quarter” series to receive an outright rejection.


Space Alien Update!

January 24, 2008

Space Alien Update

Image: Interior of something. I forget. Either Virgin Galactic 2 or prototype Metrorail subway car (credit: Virgin Galactic).

Space entrepreneur and alien (British) Sir Richard Branson is a pioneer, using bleeding edge technology to harness the unfathomable, enormous power of consumer retail market forces to explore the very envelope flaps of the Theme Park Experience.

Scientists are dumbstruck. Here they are sitting in cubicles doing boring research stuff with puny beeping machines, tinfoil satellites, invisible waves, faint flickering lights and such, crunching and re-crunching data to figure out what it means, when they could have been giving joyrides to rich guys. The sound of headsmacks at NASA in Greenbelt is audible here on Capitol Hill.