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Bo Obama, First Dog

April 12, 2009

Bo Obama, First Dog

The Easter Puppy brought a gift for Sasha and Malia Obama this weekend: their eagerly anticipated dog. Who says the administration doesn’t follow through on campaign promises?

There has been media confusion due to nomenclature mix-ups and the quaint custom of  “news embargoes” among dead-tree reporters (the dog’s debut is slated for Tuesday). Worse, all adult news editors are on vacation this week, and the smarter interns (who now research and write all U.S. news) are on Spring Break.

The facts so far:

Name:  Bo, supplied by the Obama girls. The 6-month-old male pooch was formerly called “Charlie,”  and his AKC registered name is Amigo’s New Hope, but the dog won’t be confused. At this point the pup probably just answers to the electric can opener and the rattling of the doorknob and food bowl, anyway.

Title: Consensus has settled on “First Dog,” but we like “First Pooch” and the term coined by Kriston Capps of DCist, “First Hypoallergenic Friend.”

Breed: Portuguese Water Dog is the official AKC term.  This type of dog is also called Cão de Água Português (in Portuguese, natch), Portuguese Fishing Dog, Portuguese Water Spaniel, and “Portie.” 

Color:  Black with a white ruff, perfect for DC’s many formal occasions (white dinner jackets are now optional in summer).

Coiffure: Retriever Clip. The other option, the Lion Clip, is too silly for words (look at this). Curly coat; not wavy, Jheri-curled, processed, or relaxed.