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Wild Waco Weekend

May 7, 2008

Wild Waco Weekend

The Jenna Bush – Henry Hager wedding has paralyzed tiny Crawford Texas and stunned nearby Waco, which already has a full calendar of events this weekend. While everyone is moved that President Bush built a limestone altar for the nuptials (it will barbeque three whole briskets too), some Texans who are not selling souvenirs are annoyed with the additional traffic, fuss and bother.

This is a royal wedding, American-style. It is not every day that the daughter of a sitting president weds a former aide of Grand Vizier Karl Rove. Henry Hager is also son of a former Virginia Lieutenant Governor who heads the Republican Party in Virginia, and is rich.


Fear-Mongering? Hold the Phone!

February 26, 2008

Fear Mongering --Hold the Phone

President Bush is well and truly peeved. His awkward attempt at fear-mongering over the Warrantless Wiretapping Bill (aka “Protect America Act” or “PAA”) was actually called “fear-mongering” by Democrats writing an Op Ed in the Washington Post. If Karl Rove was still around those folks would have been shrewdly scared and fear-mongered into respectful silence. 


Book Deal with the Devil

December 18, 2007

Book Deal with the Devil

Karl Rove’s memoir, first expected to fetch $3 million, still has no takers, reports Crain’s New York Business.


Scott McClellan Helps Small Business

November 21, 2007

Scott McClellan Helps Small Business 

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He is now a Senior Adviser to a global technology firm and a Washington Communications Strategist, but former White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan is helping a small Texas business this Thanksgiving.


Equal Time for Evil

November 16, 2007

Equal Time for Evil

Newsweek has announced a new contributor: Karl Rove.

Image by Mike Licht.