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Media Alert — Caution, Real News in DC This Weekend

January 16, 2009

Media Alert -- Caution, Real News in DC This Weekend

We hate to disturb working reporters covering the vital Celebrity Inaugural Ball lobster-booze-caviar beat, but real news may break in Washington this weekend. Okay, real political news, but that’s as close to “reality” as most remaining Washington scribes get these days.

Sleep-deprived, hung-over DC reporters should report to Howard University at 11AM Sunday for Chapel Call.  Stop groaning — it’s a story. The speaker will be Rev. Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr., Pastor Emeritus of Chicago’s Trinity United Church of Christ. 

The nondenominational Chapel Call will be held at Howard’s huge Cramton Auditorium to accommodate the expected crush of Fox News, National Review, and Washington Times reporters. Just joshing — the popular weekly event outgrew Rankin Chapel and moved to Cramton long ago.


Inauguration ‘Refresh’

January 16, 2009

One DC Inaugural Weekend event seems rather … effervescent; even a bit … gassy. It’s the Refresh the World Symposium  on January 19th, presented by Spike Lee, Howard University and PepsiCo.

The event at historic Cramton Auditorium (2455 Sixth Street, NW) is free to college students, and features Spike Lee (natch) with fave celebs Rev. Al Sharpton, Bay Buchanan, Sean Combs, Arianna Huffington, DC Mayor Adrian Fenty, Queen Latifah, Dr. Henry Louis Gates, Michelle Rhee, Dr. Cornel West, and more. Pepsi says topics will include the economy, education, race, gender, hip-hop, carbonated beverages, and other vital national issues.


Inauguration Day 2-Wheel Deal — Free Bike Valet Parking

January 14, 2009

Inauguration Day 2-Wheel Deal -- Free Bike Valet Parking

Bicycle buffs claim the best way to get to the Inauguration is on two wheels. Like everything else about this historic event, that remains to be seen.

One advantage bicyclists will  definitely have is free valet parking. Details (courtesy of the Washington Area Bicyclist Association) here.

Better RSVP. The Washington City Paper reports over 1,300 bike valet RSVPs to date. As far as we know at this time, bikes parked and locked outside the security perimeter of the parade area will not be removed by police unless they are obstructing traffic.

WABA has other bike-related Inauguration Day info on that event web site. Check back frequently — this unique special event has lots of inter-connected moving parts that will need last-minute tweaks, like a persnickety gear assembly on an untested touring bike. Remember: Security rules are always subject to change and reinterpretation, and it may rain.

A few bike bits:

Bikes are banned from the Metrorail subway system from January 17th through the 20th, but a couple of bikes can be hooked to the front of each Metrobus.


Shoe Salute for Bush on January 19th

December 23, 2008


Shoe Salute for Bush on January 19th

Peace activists from across the nation will shower shoes on departing President Bush on his last full day in office, January 19th. A symbolic demonstration is expected near the White House between 11:00am and 3:00pm.  

Monday, January 19th is the Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday; there is certainly no more appropriate way to celebrate Dr. King’s legacy than protesting an unjust war and a gutted economy.  After the demonstration, the shoes will be donated to those who are in need due to Mr. Bush’s disastrous economic policies.


America’s Change of Poetic Vision

December 18, 2008

America's Change of Poetic Vision

The program for the January 20th Presidential Inauguration Ceremony is shaping up, and a few angles have people bent out of shape. Chief among them is the choice of clergyman for the traditional Invocation, Rick Warren of California’s Saddleback Church.

 Pastor Warren’s views, especially regarding sexual minorities, differ from those of the President-elect and many of his supporters, and some human rights advocates feel a strong sense of betrayal. The worst part of this controversy may be that the noise drowns out news of the strong, sure voice which will be heard  at the Presidential Podium after Rick Warren’s, the voice of poet Elizabeth Alexander.


A Hint of Spice to Come — Ben’s Next Door

December 3, 2008

A Hint of Spice to Come -- Ben's Next Door

Those lucky chilidawgs at Capital Spice got a preview of the new restaurant the Ali family is opening next to their venerable Ben’s Chili Bowl. Nizam Ali had hoped to open earlier this year, and we can guess at the cause of the delay. In this town, builders yell “DCRA!” when they hit their thumbs with a hammer.

NotionsCapital hopes the search for the perfect jellroll was not a contributing factor. The Alis want to carry that confection to commemorate the fact that Ferdinand “Jellyroll” Morton played jazz upstairs in the building that houses their plush new place. 

Ben’s Next Door is slated to open this month. That leaves plenty of time for a shakedown cruise before the all-night Inaugural Marathons.


Image by Mike Licht.