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Iroquois Lacrosse Team Scores [UPDATED]

July 14, 2010

Iroquois Lacrosse Team Scores

The Iroquois Nationals have yet to compete in the 2010 World Lacrosse Championships in England due to a passport dispute in New York. That’s something of a world-class international embarrassment, since Lacrosse derives from a traditional Iroquois game.


McCain Picks Another Beauty Queen!

August 29, 2008

McCain Picks another Beauty Queen!

You see? It is a beauty contest! John McCain, who left his first wife to marry a rodeo queen and former cheerleader, selected former beauty queen Sarah Palin, Alaska’s governor for the past hour or two and 1984 Miss Alaska runner-up, as his vice presidential candidate. 72-year-old Senator McCain, who has had skin cancer from the Arizona sun and other health issues from his war-time experiences, has reversed himself, deciding it is okay after all for an inexperienced person without foreign affairs experience to be president (or a heartbeat away from the elderly president), And Governor Palin has smoked marijuana.

The choice of Sarah Palin a transparent and condescending bid for the alleged swarms of disaffected voters who supported Senator Hillary Clinton. Senator McCain and his team, believing their own propaganda, are betting that disgruntled Clinton voters are too stupid to notice that Governor Palin is a committed anti-abortion-choice and anti-gay-rights candidate, committed to oil drilling in the ANWR preserve. Mr. McCain also believes that the choice of Governor Palin will blind cultural conservatives to his own eleventh-hour conversion from his former pro-choice beliefs. Senator McCain also must believe that Ms. Palin’s NRA Lifetime Membership qualifies her to be commander-in-chief.


Clinton Releases Delegates

August 27, 2008

Clinton Releases Delegates

Senator Hillary Clinton released her pledged convention delegates this evening, saying “I am not telling you what to do. You’ve come here from so many different places having made this journey and feeling in your heart what is right for you to do.” According to reports, there was a bit of whining.

The roll-call vote dithered on until 6:50 PM Eastern, the evening news slot, when Senator Clinton moved that those assembled declare Senator Barack Obama the presidential candidate of the Democratic Party by acclamation. They did.


Image by Mike Licht. Download a copy here. Creative Commons license; credit Mike Licht,

John McCain Watches the Democratic Convention

August 26, 2008

John McCain Watches the Democratic Convention

Watching the speeches from Denver, Senator John McCain remembers he must also announce a Vice Presidential choice very soon.


Image by Mike Licht. Download a copy here. Creative Commons license; credit Mike Licht,

Poor Boy Biden Makes Good

August 25, 2008

Senator Barack Obama has always shown genuine concern for the poor. His own early childhood on food stamps and later work as a community organizer in Chicago underlie this sensitivity and awareness. That is probably why he passed over multimillionaire Hillary Clinton and chose poor boy Joe Biden as his running mate.


Healing Heartsick Hillary Holdouts

August 24, 2008

Healing Heartsick Hillary Holdouts

Why Biden? We really can’t say. Why now? That’s easy: to let diehard Hillary Clinton supporters know that a Clinton vice presidential bid is definitely not going to happen, and give them time to purge their bitterness, mourn, and get with the program before the Democratic Convention gets into high gear.


Senator Clinton Bids Farewell to her Troops

June 6, 2008

Senator Clinton Bids Farewell to her Troops

On Saturday, June 7, 2008, Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY) will “hold an event.” “Hold an event?”  That’s what the press releases say. Is the senator going to speak words of significance or pass around the canapés? Honestly. Some media relations people sorely lack a sense of history and gravitas.


What Does Hillary Want?

June 4, 2008

What Does Hillary Want

“What does Hillary want?” asks Hillary, echoing the pundits.

“What does Hillary want?” ask pundits, echoing Hillary echoing the pundits.

What Hillary needs is some way out from under her crushing $20 million campaign debt, a difficult job for a loser.


Dream Ticket — For Talk Radio

June 4, 2008

Dream Ticket -- For Talk Radio

Commentators on both coasts and insulated urban Democrats are beating the drum for what they call “The Dream Ticket,” an Obama-Clinton Democratic slate for the November elections. It would undoubtedly be a Dream Ticket — for John McCain and the Republican Party.


Clinton Statement

June 3, 2008

Clinton Statement

Senator Hillary Clinton is not conceding the contest for the Democratic presidential nomination.

She’s not.

She is merely “suspending” her campaign, firing most campaign staff and paying them through June 15th. The campaign officially continues — for legal and financial reasons, not political ones.

Image by Mike Licht, Clinton for President, and Perpetually Closing Camera and Electronic Shops of Times Square. Download it here. Creative Commons license; credit Mike Licht,