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Princess and Frog, Italian-Style

June 1, 2009

Princess and Frog, Italian-Style

The fairytale story of Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi (72) enters a new chapter as his wife’s divorce case provides charming details of his affection for young women. Very young women (under age 18).

The wealthy Berlusconi controls the Italian media, so it is no surprise that he was able to surpress publication of photographs of topless female guests at his New Year’s Eve party (known locally as la Sagra Della Rana).

Read about it here, in la Repubblica, or on the tabloid front page of your choice.


Sì, sì, the age of consent in Italy is 16 (14 on Saturday night) but this guy is 72 years old.

Der Froschkönig (the Frog Prince, AT Type 440) is best-known through the work of Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm; images trademarked by Disney Studios , used here under satire provisions of the Fair Use Doctrine (speaking of provisions, see Rane in Guazzetto). Berlusconi caricature courtesy of Interventi di Chirurgia Estetica Soci.