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Is Fred Thompson Back, Or Is It a Re-Run? Yes and Yes.

September 3, 2008

Is Fred Thompson Back, Or Is It a Re-Run? Yes and Yes.

Fred Dalton Thompson, another syndicated re-run from the Republican party, addressed the Convention yesterday. Last year NotionsCapital tried to get the GOP to ditch Fred and draft William Peterson, who knows something about the Facts of Life, which would sure be handy for Republicans. Maybe Governor Palin would have let him counsel Bristol.

You can read Fred Thompson’s comments here. He’s had better scripts. Even Curly Sue was more convincing.


Vintage 2007 campaign image by Mike Licht. Download it here. Creative Commons license; credit Mike Licht,

Chairman Wolfowitz

January 25, 2008

 Chairman Wolfowitz

In recognition of his outstanding record of official untruths about Iraq (85), Dr. Paul Wolfowitz has been appointed Chairman of the International Security Advisory Board (under Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, 56 Iraq untruths) by President Bush (232 Iraq untruths). He succeeds the eminent former District Attorney Arthur Branch Senator Fred Thompson (R, NBC).

Did you know Fred Thompson was in the State Department while he was on TV? Did Fred know it?

After resigning in disgrace as President of the World Bank, Dr. Wolfowitz was confined in the heavily-fortified American Enterprise Institute. He is allowed to visit the State Department on a work-release program.


Thompson: “Roll the credits.” [Update]

January 22, 2008

Thompson - Roll the Credits UPDATE

Fred Thompson officially ended his campaign for the Republican presidential nomination today, another obvious victim of the continuing television writers’ strike.

When will it end?

UPDATE: The Writers’ Guild starts negotiating Wednesday, January 23rd. If only Fred had held out he might have been able to use scriptwriters for his speeches, the crucial pitfall of his failed campaign. Of course, he really couldn’t handle the single-take newsvideo shooting schedule, either.

Image assembled by Mike Licht; not affiliated with any official Thomp . . . Oh, wait. Never mind.

GOP Pseudo-Event

November 29, 2007

GOP Pseudo-Event 

The news media are chock-full of reports about a cable-TV quiz show featuring the Republican candidates who will compete in Iowa’s up-coming Presidential Tupperware® Party in five weeks.

This was said to be newsworthy, perhaps because TV scriptwriters are on strike and Wednesday’s other televised squabbles were even more boring.

Image of last night’s thrilling event by Mike Licht. Thanks to CNN, GOP, YouTube, yadda yadda.  Tupperware is a registered trademark of, um, Tupperware, whose parties are much more consequential than the Iowa caucuses. There, I’ve said it.

Jackie Mason Presidential Endorsement

October 19, 2007

There is no other way to say Oy Vey!

The long-awaited Jackie Mason Presidential Endorsement is upon us.

I hope he will forgive me for posting it during Shabbos but I know many people in Washington depend on early news about power plays like this for their livelihoods (caution: loud video theme music).

This image is actually adapted from a Jews for Jesus pamphlet, and its use allows me to inform you that Mr. Mason sued, so it is considered news. I hope.

Mike’s Big Money Politics: That’s Entertainment.

October 12, 2007

Big Money Politics. Political Operatives Are Standing By!

In today’s installment, Mike helps Fred Thompson. 

Today more than ever, American elections evoke images of Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, all the noble portraits on United States currency. Without copious quantities of cash, candidates could not bring their messages and hairdressers to the American voter and journalists would have to pay for their own drinks.

Without political campaigns diverting billions from the economy, broadcasters could not afford to publicize celebrity mating habits and the direct mail industry would cease the ravenous consumption of wood pulp, shrouding continents in dark, musty forests. Who would live in such a world?

We increasingly judge candidates like admired athletes of the PGA and NASCAR, on the amounts of money they have each season and not on success in mere “contests.”  Reflecting on this, I asked the Federal Elections Commission if presidential candidates could endorse products and display corporate logos on their clothing, a question that must raise complex legal issues because they haven’t answered yet.

The need for campaign funds has grown, but so have restrictions, both legal and otherwise. The media blame successful candidates for inspiring felons to contribute, pressuring campaigns to give the money back. Public funding is for commies and losers; “bundlers” are seen as shakedown artists; even PACs are scrutinized. What’s a candidate to do?

I have given this matter the same kind of deep, undivided attention I have received from hand-shaking candidates, sometimes for seconds at a time, and I’m providing personalized fundraising advice to each of the major Democratic and Republican presidential primary candidates (in lieu of cash, natch). Yesterday I presented strategic advice for Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY) who must be closeted with her advisors, considering it, because I haven’t heard from her yet.

Today I’ll help FRED THOMPSON.


Arthur Branch, meet Fred Thompson.

September 7, 2007

Arthur Branch, Meet Fred Thompson

Donors to Republican Fred Thompson’s presidential campaign include members of the Gregory family, whose King Pharmaceuticals company paid $124 Million in legal penalties to the Justice Department and 49 states in 2005 for overcharging Medicaid and other health programs for drugs during an eight year period. The Gregory family donated at least at least $13,800 to Thompson’s campaign. 

Thompson, who is running as a “pro-life” (anti-abortion) conservative, was previously embarrassed by revelations that he worked as a part-time lobbyist for the National Family Planning and Reproductive Health Association from 1991 to 1994. Thompson says he cannot remember that, but he did remember to bill the organization $5,000 for 20 hours of work.


Image by Mike Licht under Creative Commons license.

See Fred Run. Or is that a stuntman?

September 6, 2007

Before Jay Leno and the People of America, I heareby declare . . . .

Wednesday night, Frederick Dalton “Fred” Thompson, star of the films “Marie,“ ”Iron Eagle III,” ””Curly Sue,” “No Way Out,” “Unnecessary Roughness,” and television’s “Law and Order,” declared his intention to run for President of the United States before Jay Leno and the people of America. Mr. Thompson has also been a U.S. Senator and attorney, and performed in a production of “1776.”

Mr. Thompson made his announcement on “The Tonight Show” which, like “Law and Order,” is on NBC. CBS is said to be urging William Peterson of CSI to enter the race, and Fox is in similar discussions with Homer Simpson.

Fred on Jay; Hume Won’t Fume

September 5, 2007

Forget Fred Thompson . . .

Actor and former Senator Fred Thompson will announce his candidacy tonight on the Tonight Show, giving fellow NBC star Jay Leno a ratings boost. Adding insult to injury, Thompson will even run an ad on Fox and CNN during tonight’s Republican Presidential debate. 

The candidates who are actually debating are not happy about being upstaged by an ad. “In a word,” says tonight’s debate moderator Brit Hume, “Tough.”


Although most assume Thompson will need to leave his lucrative role as gruff District Attorney Arthur Branch on NBC’s “Law & Order,” insiders say he will stay on and tackle federal equal time provisions by offering other Republican candidates these continuing roles on the hit series:


Rudy Giuliani — Married mafia don who keeps hitting on pretty young Assistant District Attorneys

 Mike Huckabee — Hillbilly tourist in the big city

Senator John McCain – Gray Panther activist

Ron Paul — Citizen with constant complaints about space aliens

Sam Brownback — Small-time securities broker; wants to privatize the NYPD detectives’ retirement fund

Tom Tancredo — New York City councilman who wants to end support for 9/11 widows and orphans and firemen injured at the Twin Towers

Duncan Hunter — Pro-life demonstrator

Mitt Romney — Local TV anchorman 

Ten other candidates, absolute unknowns who have nevertheless filed with the Federal Elections Commission (FEC), will be extras in crowd scenes.

Filmatic Fred

August 24, 2007

One knows how to find answers

Chelsea J. Carter of Associated Press just reviewed the cinematic career of Fred Thompson.

Fred’s first role was perfect casting: he played himself in a dramatization of a real corruption case in the 1985 feature film “Marie” (starring Sissy Spacek, from a book by Peter Maas).

The AP story has great quotes from Tom Hollihan, professor of media and politics at the USC’s Annenberg School for Communication and Unfair Park editor Robert Wilonsky, who observes:

“No one is going to hold it against him. If Al Gore can have a film career, why can’t Fred Thompson? If you can survive being in ‘Iron Eagle III,’ ‘Curly Sue’ and ‘Unnecessary Roughness,’ you can survive having run for president.”