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Federal Government Recognizes Utah Marriages

January 10, 2014

Federal Government Recognizes Utah Marriages

The U.S. Government recognizes 1,300 Utah same-sex marriages, even though the state government refuses to. Couples rushed to the altar in December after a Federal judge ruled that Utah’s ban on same-sex marriage violated the U.S. Constitution. A Federal appeals court refused to halt the weddings until it hears the case, but the U.S. Supreme Court issued a temporary stay, putting the status of the earlier marriages in question.

Today Attorney General Eric Holder announced that, as far as Federal benefits, taxes, and laws are concerned the 1,300 gay couples are married:


New Heights for David Gregory — Meet the Press

December 8, 2008

New Heights for David Gregory -- Meet the Press

Photo by Mike Licht (5’9′).

As Chief White House Correspondent for NBC News, David Gregory was already a towering presence in Washington journalism.  His appointment as host (pardon; Moderator) of the iconic Meet the Press program places him head and shoulders above his colleagues.

In making this personnel decision, NBC News management had to consider the past; they were choosing a successor to a beloved personality, the late Tim Russert.  But they also had to look to the future and consider one key question: Who could go head-to-head with the Obama administration; who could best interview the country’s new leaders face-to-face?  That’s a pretty tall order. They quickly decided the job would be a stretch for anyone except David Gregory.

Why? The answer, by the numbers:


Hoops Holder?

December 7, 2008

Hoops Holder?

Potomac Playground Patter

President-elect  “Barry O-Bomber” (6’1″), Hawaiian high school hotshot, is building a slammin’ basketball bench:

  National Security Adviser designate Gen. James L. Jones (6’5″) was a forward for the Georgetown Hoyas

 Obama aide Reggie Love (6’4″) was a forward for the Duke Blue Devils (2001 NCAA champs) and team captain in 2005

Future U.N. Ambassador Dr. Susan Rice  was a point guard at DC’s National Cathedral School

White House deputy communications director Daniel H. Pfeiffer (6’2″) was on the team at Wilmington Friends School

Treasury Secretary pick Timothy Geithner is a passionate pick-up basketball player 

 DHS nominee Governor Janet Napolitano has coached the University of Arizona’s Lady Wildcats

— Obama senior advisor David Axelrod met Susan Landau while they were playing in a coed basketball league; they married in 1979

— Attorney General designate Eric H. Holder, Jr. (6’3″) was Co-Captain of  Stuyvesant High School’s basketball team in New York City.

Stuyvesant?  Hold on a minute. 


Eric Holder

November 19, 2008

Eric Holder

Eric H. Holder, Jr. has been selected as the next U.S. Attorney General by President-elect Obama. You will hear about his experiences as a D.C. Superior Court judge, U.S. Attorney and Deputy U.S. Attorney General in the media and during Senate confirmation hearings.

But Mr. Holder’s primary qualification is obvious: He is a graduate of New York City’s famed Stuyvesant High School, the public institution which has produced so many of our country’s political, scientific, and cultural leaders, including three Nobel laureates, actress Lucy Liu (劉玉玲), Obama advisor David Axelrod, food writer Mark Bittman, Thelonious Monk (a drop-out), and the writer/editor of NotionsCapital.