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Acqua al Due Viene a Washington, DC

December 1, 2008

“Acqua al Due Viene a Washington, DC

[Updates: Restaurant website here; more recent post about it here.]

Denizens of Washington’s Eastern Market area have something tasty to look forward to this spring.  The Tuscan restaurant Acqua al Due is coming to 7th Street, directly across from the historic market building.  Founded in Florence in 1978, Acqua al Due already has a West Coast foothold in San Diego. The Capitol Hill branch will be the first East Coast venture.

The new eatery will occupy the two-storey structure at 214-212 7th Street SE, site of Dottie’s Boutique and recently-vacated A&A Athletics. Dottie’s closed in September due to an electrical fire. The woman’s clothing store was a neighborhood fixture for 25 years.


Dog Watching

November 24, 2008

Dog Watching

Everyone needs a hobby. Mike Licht explains one of his.

What’s more fun than watching dogs romp in the park? Not much. Racing, chasing, jumping, wrestling. Tug-‘o-War with a hunk of tree branch. The quick little bow that says “Let’s play.” Granted, the tail-sniffing is inelegant, but it obviates the need for small talk. Without the chatter of “How-ya-been-Where-ya-at-What’d-ya-eat,” dogs can get down to play right now.

Dogs were strictly forbidden in our family’s Manhattan apartment building, and I didn’t own pooches when I lived in Buffalo or Austin. My DC place is small, so I don’t personally own a pup now, but I still have about 40 dogs. I live near Lincoln Park.


Livable, Walkable Community Award Nominations

November 19, 2008

Livable, Walkable Community Award Nominations

DC Councilmember Tommy Wells has opened nominations for the 2nd Annual Livable, Walkable Community Awards. “What does livable, walkable mean to you, and who best represents what it takes to make it a reality?” asks the Ward 6 representative.


Belgians Invade Capitol Hill!

November 14, 2008


The Belgians are coming! The Belgians are coming! Oh wait, we said that already, when they bought Budweiser. 

And the Belgians have already occupied Capitol Hill. We’ve been slurping mussels, beef stew, and Duvel beer at Bart Vandaele’s Belga Cafe on Barracks Row for a couple of years. But starting in January we can break bread for breakfast, lunch, and dinner at Le Pain Quotidien, which is moving into the space just vacated by Bread and Chocolate at Pennsylvania Avenue and 7th Street, SE.


Capitol Hill Coffee Shop Closed

November 13, 2008

Capitol Hill Coffee Shop Closed

Yet another catastrophic Bush legacy for the Obama administration: Capitol Hill’s Bread and Chocolate café and bakery is gone. The landmark on the corner of Pennsylvania Avenue and Seventh Street, SE closed November 10th. They started gutting it today.

Residents and habitués of the Eastern Market area are frantic; the next coffee shop is a whole twenty feet further down 7th Street. With the closing of B&C, only three coffee shops remain in the two entire blocks of 7th Street between Pennsylvania and North Carolina Avenues, SE. We get caffeine shakes just thinking about it.


Nationalization of Corporate Debt

September 26, 2008

Nationalization of Corporate Debt

To each corporation: market profits, tax write-offs, and subsidies.

To each corporation: financing for corporate debt from public coffers.

From each corporation: smug, self-serving TV ads during Sunday talk shows.


Image by Mike Licht, after B. Lebedev. Download a copy here. Creatice Commons license; credit Mike Licht,

Music at Eastern Market

September 7, 2008

Music at Eastern Market

Free Sunday music has returned to Eastern Market on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. What better way to remind people that Eastern Market is still alive and swingin’ than with live swing, blues, bluegrass, jazz, contemporary, and international music.

Concerts, sponsored by the Capitol Hill Community Foundation, are on Sundays from 10:30 am to 2:30 PM outside Port City Java, on the corner of 7th Street and North Carolina Avenue, S.E.  The fall season runs from September 7 to October 12.


10:30 am   Dead Men’s Hollow Bluegrass, Americana
1:00 pm     Magpie Jazz, Blues, Contemporary, Folk

10:30 am   BluesWorks Blues, World
1:00 pm     Janine Wilson Acoustic Roots Rock

10:30 am   Finnegan’s Jig Celtic, Contemporary
1:00 pm    Reverb A Capella R&B, Gospel

10:30 am   Alexandria Kleztet Modern Klezmer
1:00 pm     Blue Rhythm Boys Acoustic Blues, Swing

10:30 am   Rick Franklin & Mike Baytop Piedmont Blues
1:00 pm     Archie’s Barbershop Jambassadors Acoustic Blues

OCT 12
10:30 am   The Capitol Hillbillies Hokum Blues, New Orleans Jazz
1:00 pm     Rio Garage Brazilian Jazz

Eastern Market Burned Again — by the Media

July 17, 2008

Eastern Market Burned Again -- by the Media

News stories about Washington’s Eastern Market filled the DC media yesterday, describing the restoration of the South Hall of the historic building, gutted by fire last year. Coverage noted that exterior work is largely complete, and renovation of the interior of the building has begun.

Except for an excellent report by NBC4’s Tom Sherwood and perfunctory throw-away lines by ABC7 news and the Examiner, though, stories omitted the fact that the market itself has been open for business and functioning for over a year, across 7th Street, SE, in the “East Hall.” Even a WAMU-FM radio story that included an interview with one of the merchants— Melvin Inman of Market Poultry — omitted this fact.


Eastern Market – Fresh Hours, Stale Management [UPDATE]

June 28, 2008

Fresh Hours and Stale Management UPDATE

Capitol Hill activists had hoped DC government would contract new managers for historic Eastern Market by now, but the inter-agency effort is predictably complex. The result: the city’s famous fresh food market will have the same stale management for another six months.

The good news: the market will be open longer hours starting next week, and restoration of the original building is proceeding on schedule.


Fact, Fire, and Fiction at Eastern Market

May 13, 2008

Fact, Fire, and Fiction at Eastern Market

Investigators for the D.C. Fire Department lack sufficient training and credentials, reports Scott McCabe in the Examiner. The firefighters are not certified fire investigators, and even the short fire investigation course they may have taken has been plagued by exam cheating. This is most crucial in the examination of the devastating fire at Washington’s 135-year-old Eastern Market, where conclusions of federal and DC investigators differ.