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DC’s Congressman is Safe!

January 12, 2008

DC’s Congressman is Safe!

Wow, that was a close one, but Washington’s “Other Congressman” Louie Gohmert is safe, running unopposed in the 2008 elections. With a mere $300,000 to campaign with throughout the entire densely-populated Piney Woods of East Texas, it might have been a squeaker. Good thing no one wanted to run against him.


Sci-Fi Subway — 21st Century Metro

January 10, 2008

Sci-Fi Subway -- 21st Century Metro

Series 8001 Metro Meteor Series (concept, NotionsCapital Engineering)

DCist had a post yesterday on the 7000 Series Metro Cars. Yawn. Look pretty much like the old Metro Cars after someone’s ralphed on the upholstery.

NotionsCapital, of course, has previewed Metro’s wish-list rolling stock before, but today we have a really Sci-Fi Network (Psychic Network?) type exclusive. Not the ho-hum series 7000, but the 8000 series.

Exterior view above; interior below.

Well worth the fare increase..

Interior, Series 8001 Metro Meteor prototype

Top image by Mike Licht, who would credit the bottom image but it’s in Japanese. It may be from some recreation company.

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