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Wild Waco Weekend

May 7, 2008

Wild Waco Weekend

The Jenna Bush – Henry Hager wedding has paralyzed tiny Crawford Texas and stunned nearby Waco, which already has a full calendar of events this weekend. While everyone is moved that President Bush built a limestone altar for the nuptials (it will barbeque three whole briskets too), some Texans who are not selling souvenirs are annoyed with the additional traffic, fuss and bother.

This is a royal wedding, American-style. It is not every day that the daughter of a sitting president weds a former aide of Grand Vizier Karl Rove. Henry Hager is also son of a former Virginia Lieutenant Governor who heads the Republican Party in Virginia, and is rich.


Ballou and Burma

October 12, 2007

“. . . a real dialogue that leads to a peaceful transition to democracy.”

Last Week, First Lady Laura Bush addressed a Senate Foreign Relations subcommittee about her deep concern for the peaceful democracy activists in Burma and the “shameful” crackdown on protests by young monks.

Yesterday she threw a reporter out of the White House for asking if the Washington, DC high school students she was honoring should aspire to be in the U.S. House of Representatives.

If Mrs. Bush can make official statements about democracy for the young people of Burma, she can answer a perfectly reasonable question about democracy for the youngsters of her nation’s capital.

The young members of the Ballou Band watched the First Lady, a professional educator, eject a reporter for exercising a constitutionally protected right, for asking a question about their own rights and future.

Mrs. Laura Bush taught the members of the Ballou High School Band a Civics lesson they will never forget.