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Anacostia Railroad Bridge Down – Again

November 10, 2007

Anacostia Railroad Bridge Down - Again 

[See update at end of post ]

An 89-car CSX Transportation coal train derailed at the Anacostia River railroad bridge in Washington, DC on Friday, November 9, 2007. There were no injuries reported.

Initial evidence suggests the train was stationary on the bridge when it was struck by another freight train.  According to the Examiner, the bridge is owned by the National Park Service and leased to CSX Transportation, Inc.


Football: The Inside Poop

October 1, 2007

Feed them and you are helping the terrorists

Urban terrorists strike again. After causing the collapse of the Interstate 35W Bridge in the Minneapolis heartland, they now threaten that cherished symbol of American greatness, the NFL.

Is nothing sacred to these feathered fiends? 

At Paul Brown Stadium, home of the Cincinnati Bengals, they have had enough. Enough pigeon poop falling on fans and in their beverages and snacks. They are ready for the Shotgun Pass, as in “pass me that shotgun.” The Bengals are ready to deal in lead.

There have been protests from Ohio PETA chapters and fans of the rival Cleveland Browns, but hundreds of gun-wielding Bengals fans have volunteered for pigeon patrol.

Bengals officials have not responded to my suggestion that the pigeon hunt be televised live on the Outdoor Channel.

Football, feathers, and firearms. Is this a great country, or what?

 Wanted poster by Mike Licht and his foul-feathered friends.

Bridge Saboteurs Identified

August 24, 2007

Feed ‘em and you aid the terrorists!

The Interstate 35W bridge collapse in Minnesota:  was it sabotage? Experts claim corrosive pigeon guano weakened the metal of the collapsed bridge span, according to an Associated Press report.

Another reason to declare open season on these foul feral feathered fiends.