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City Birds

April 28, 2011

City Birds

“Birds breeding in city centres, or “urban adapters” … were found to have larger brains relative to their body size.

Previous studies have highlighted the link between larger brains and behavioural innovation in birds and mammals.

Scientists say this new evidence is the first to show that brain size is a key factor for animals’ survival in urban environments.”

— “Adaptable urban birds have bigger brains,” Ella Davies, BBC Earth News


“Human Facial Expression From the Perspective of a Pigeon,” Kara Rogers, Britannica blog


Image by Mike Licht. Download a copy here. Creative Commons license; credit Mike Licht,

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Bird-Killer ‘Sully’ Sullenberger Forced to Retire by Audubon Society

March 3, 2010

Bird-Killer 'Sully' Sullenburger Forced to Retire by Audubon Society

Pilot Chesley Burnett “Sully” Sullenberger III, infamous for an airborne goose slaughtering episode, retired Wednesday. Bird watchers claim the powerful Audubon Society pressured him to stop flying.

Captain Sullenberger has more leisure time now, and is expected to spend much of it hunting and roasting waterfowl. 

Bird-Killer 'Sully' Sullenburger Forced to Retire by Audubon Society

Images by Mike Licht. Download a copy of the top one here and the lower one here. Creative Commons license; credit Mike Licht,

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Rogue Urban Chickens Terrorize USA!

February 3, 2010

Rogue Urban Chickens Terrorize USA!

Peaceful poultry lovers in the Urban Chicken Movement seek regulations permitting backyard fowl raising, but some activists are takin’ it to the streets. Hell-raising hens are on the loose across the country.

Radical movements flourish on college campuses, and this one is no exception. Emulating an extremist indigenous group at Harvard, a rogue chicken staged a lengthy occupation at Concordia University Chicago.  Known only by the code name “Rocky,”  the elusive avian anarchist was finally subdued and brought to a detention camp in Palos Park, Illinois for waterboarding  fricaseeing interrogation.


Avian Aliens Down Jet

June 11, 2009

Avian aliens Down Jet

Invaders  from the North brought down US Airways Flight 1549, say investigators. The Airbus A320 aircraft, safely landed in the Huson River by Captain Chesney Sullenberger, was attacked by migratory elements of a Branta canadensis contingent that crossed the border from Canada.

Scientists analyzed samples of feathers and  pâté snarge the divebombers left in the aircraft engines, and DNA evidence indicates that the terrorist cell originated in Labrador or Newfoundland. Many theorists had posited a conspiracy of alien squatters, as millions of Canada geese have illegally settled permanently in the United States. When the attackers were identified as migratory foreigners, a great honk of relief emanated from America’s golf courses and cemeteries.

The news also recieved much attention in the Canadian media:


UFO Hits Geese, Lands in Hudson

June 8, 2009

UFO Hits Geese, Lands in Hudson

Photo: U.S. Navy.

An intergalactic space vehicle with 150 life forms on board came down in the Hudson River off Manhattan after hitting a flock of geese yesterday. Miraculously, everyone was rescued, but several beings without exoskeletons were slightly injured and taken to New York hospitals which accept ALF health insurance.

NASA is investigating reports that the spacecraft hit a flock of birds after entering Earth’s atmosphere and buzzing Yankee Stadium. Witnesses saw the vessel make an emergency landing in the Hudson, kicking up a cloud of spray on the river.

“The Warp Drive blew. There was fire everywhere and it smelled like xenon,” said a passenger who looked like an ambulatory sea urchin. He  She  It said the pilot announced that the craft was descending rapidly and told passengers to brace for the impact. “We hit that fluid stream pretty hard. It was scary.”

“You gotta give it to the pilot-thingy. The Hive Mind made a hell of a landing,” it added, visibly shaken. Another rescued passenger who looked like a hairless anteater told CNN: “It’s just incredible that everyone’s alive.”


Finger Lickin’ Peeps

April 11, 2009

Finger Lickin' Peeps

This is Easter weekend, when Christians across the United States celebrate with reverent displays of synthetic marshmallow animals. The indegestible items, apparently constructed of latex foam, are dyed bright pastel colors as a warning against ingestion.

Displays and dioramas of seasonal scenes are crafted as acts of devotion, in fulfilment of vows, and as objects of veneration. Here are links to a few for your holiday contemplation:

Washington Post Peep Shows: 2007, 2008, 2009 (and this year’s winner).

Chicago Tribune Peeps on Parade 2009

Peeps Research for Easter geeks.

For Peeps Sake!

The Peeps Bus.

Seattle Times Peeps Parade.

Peeps in Space!!!!

Peeps Pool slide show on flickr.

Fox TV:  Web Full of Peeps.

100 Ways to Kill a Peep.

Peepfest 2009, Chapel Hill, NC.

Marshmallow Peeps On the Internet – A Study

The big list of Peeps Links.


Image by Mike Licht (no Peeps were harmed in the making of this mash-up). Download a copy here. Creative Commons license; credit Mike Licht,

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Turkey Trouble

March 19, 2009

Turkey Trouble

A wild turkey knocked a man off his motorcycle in Maine last Sunday, according to state police. Jeffrey Russell of Hartford was riding along route 117 near Streaked Mountain when the big bird flew at him, pushing him off his Kawasaki.

“That’s like hitting a bowling ball at 45 miles per hour,” State Trooper Corey Huckins told Andie Hannon of Lewiston’s Sun Journal. “It took the driver right off the seat.”

Mr. Russell, knocked unconscious, was evacuated by helicopter to Central Maine Medical Center in Lewiston and hospitalized with a broken collarbone. Passenger Kyle Johnston suffered minor injuries.

Unlike the two men, the turkey was not wearing a helmet, and perished in the accident. Mr. Johnston claimed the remains on behalf of Mr. Russell. Funeral arrangements have not been announced.


Pixels to Ponder, 22 January 2009

January 22, 2009

Pixels to Ponder

  • Perhaps we could re-define disease as “Terrorism” and fight it under provisions of the PATRIOT Act.
  • Baby boomers who had cosmetic surgery don’t go to the movies anymore. They hate looking at young film stars and seeing that their old noses are back in style.
  • The new president should immediately abolish Gatorade. Why does the government support idle critters? Damn gators should get off their lazy butts, catch something, and eat it.
  • Most Americans have changed their minds and believe the scientific evidence that Global Warming is real. Now they want the government to stop those space aliens from causing it.


Sully’s Savory Sky-Chef Secrets

January 21, 2009

Sully's Savory Sky-Chef Secrets

Heroism got short shrift from the media in DC this week. Captain Chesley Sullenberger, the celebrated pilot of US Airways flight 1549, was all but ignored in Obama Inaguration coverage. “Sully” was on page one when he landed his Airbus in the Hudson River, but barely made it to Page Six when he dined in Washington’s Hudson Restaurant.

Captain Sullenburger cooked a pair of geese in New York, but dined on fried chicken in DC.


US Airways Violates Federal Migratory Bird Laws

January 17, 2009

US Airways Violates Federal Migratory Bird Laws

US Airways violated Federal migratory bird regulations by hunting geese with an A320 Airbus jetliner, claim anonymous government sources. The pilot of flight 1549, Air Force veteran and avid hunter Chesley B. Sullenberger, tried combining both of his interests by bagging a brace of geese over the wetlands near New York’s LaGuardia airport after takeoff, on his way to Charlotte, North Carolina.

The imported $77 million A320 airliner is not certified for either waterfowl or upland bird hunting, so it was not surprising that the aircraft malfunctioned, forcing Captain Sullenberger to ditch the plane in the Hudson River. The crew and 150 passengers were chilled and shaken but unhurt. Most were simply grateful to avoid spending the weekend in Charlotte.