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December 6, 2008


WTF? A UFO on Capitol Hill? NotionsCapital’s Mike Licht was an eye witness:

At 5 PM today I was on Barracks Row, walking toward Pennsylvania Avenue, SE. Looking to my left, I saw a round or spherical shape in the sky, back-lit in the dusk, when the sky is lighter at higher elevations.

Lighting conditions made it hard to judge size (weather or barrage balloon? Hot air balloon? Blimp headed towards or away from me?) and distance (over the Mall, SW or NW DC, Georgetown or Arlington?).  I wasn’t carrying a camera, of course.


CIA Secret Weapon Revealed

June 22, 2008

CIA Secret Weapon Revealed

Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates, who headed the Central Intelligence Agency from 1991 to 1993,  told some of his old CIA yarns at a confab for current CIA chief General Michael V. Hayden, who is staying with the Agency but retiring from the Air Force (note to job seekers: lots of top vacancies at the Air Force).

LA Times reporter Greg Miller says Secretary Gates reminisced about a CIA plan to float balloons over Libya and drop leaflets urging the overthrow of the government. Mr. Gates told the underspooks to re-write the pamphlets and specify just which government. If the wind shifted and the pamphlets fell on neighboring Egypt, he said, “General Mubarak would have been none too pleased.”

Oops! Secret weapon revealed! Balloons dispersing propaganda and disinformation. Stealth drones wafting silently through the sky. A great concept. It was even great the first time it was done, 200 years ago.