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Alberto Gonzales Goes Nashville

October 20, 2011

Alberto Gonzales Goes Nashville

Nashville’s Belmont University has a new law school, one that opened last summer. It also has a new Distinguished Professor of Law, former U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. The Distinguished Professor is also distinguished by his official endorsement of government torture and kidnapping during his time at the White House and in the Justice Department.


Professor Gonzales Regrets

August 13, 2009

Professor Gonzales Regrets

Alberto Gonzales has expressed regret over calling The Geneva Conventions “quaint.”

Then White House Counsel, Mr. Gonzales wrote, in a 2002 memorandum that is said to have caused Secretary of State Colin Powell to “hit the roof”:

“In my judgment, this new paradigm renders obsolete Geneva’s strict limitations on questioning of enemy prisoners and renders quaint some of its provisions.”

Next stop, Abu Ghraib.


Alberto Gonzales and the Texas Tech Faculty Posse

July 28, 2009

Alberto Gonzales and the Texas Tech Faculty Posse

Two years after he was forced to resign as Attorney General, Alberto Gonzales is scheduled to teach undergraduates at Texas Tech, something he has never done before, and the university’s real professors are not happy about it. Over 40 Texas Tech faculty members (47 at last report) have signed a petition objecting to the teaching appointment of Mr. Gonzales.


Professor Gonzales

July 13, 2009

Professor Gonzales

Disgraced former U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales will receive extra-judicial punishment next month when he is exiled to remote Lubbock, Texas. In a questionable choice of correctional employment, he will be allowed contact with young Americans as a faculty member at Texas Tech University.

While waiting to testify in Federal Court, at the International Criminal Court, and before Congress for his actions as White House Counsel and Attorney General, Mr. Gonzales will teach a junior-level Political Science course, “Contemporary Issues in the Executive Branch” and lecture to impressionable youngsters on campus. He will also be paid to entice unsuspecting Hispanic American teens to enrol at Tech and Angelo State University in San Angelo.


May 1, 2009 — Law Day

May 1, 2009

 May 1, 2009 -- Law Day

I, BARACK OBAMA, President of the United States of America, in accordance with Public Law 87-20, as amended, do hereby proclaim May 1, 2009, as Law Day, U.S.A. I call upon the people of the United States to acknowledge the importance of our Nation’s legal and judicial systems with appropriate ceremonies and activities, and to display the flag of the United States in support of this national observance.

In 1958, President Eisenhower established Law Day as “a day of national dedication to the principles of government under law.” Each year on Law Day, we celebrate our commitment to the rule of law.
Law Day, U.S.A., 2009, A Proclamation.

 United States Code, Title  18, 2441: War Crimes

(d) Common Article 3 Violations.—

(1) Prohibited conduct.— In subsection (c)(3), the term “grave breach of common Article 3” means any conduct (such conduct constituting a grave breach of common Article 3 of the international conventions done at Geneva August 12, 1949), as follows:


How Many Turkeys Will He Pardon?

November 16, 2008

How Many Turkeys Will He Pardon?

President George W. Bush, following a tradition started by Harry Truman, is expected to pardon the 2008 National Thanksgiving Turkey. Mr. Bush has always enjoyed this ceremony, except for the year when things went horribly, tragically wrong, and his pardon came too late.

President Bush has more pardons to consider in his remaining weeks in office, and the herd of turkeys gobbling for clemency is bigger than the one at Turkeyfest in Cuero, Texas. Jailbirds looking to leave the turkey pen include GOP gobblers Edwin Edwards and Randy “Duke” Cunningham. Fowls facing future chopping blocks include David Addington, William Haynes, and others who permitted torture in the name of national security.


Monica Goodling Returns — Wonkette Buys Defibrillators, Oxygen

July 28, 2008

Blond, wide-eyed, loyal Republican-in-Christ Monica M. Goodling is back in the news, and the Blogosphere is panting. The Regent University alumna and Gonzales-era Justice official has been fingered in a probe by the DOJ Inspector General for violating federal law and Justice Department policy by injecting politics into Justice hiring and firing.

Unconfirmed reports claim this event has triggered deliveries of cardiac defillibrators and oxygen tanks to Wonkette bloggers and key commentators.

Take a deep breath before reading the story, folks. Relax; this won’t be going away any time soon.

Image by Mike Licht,

NotionsCapital has no connection to Wonkette, especially since it migrated to WordPress and commenters can’t get back on. Man, what a mess.

Put Out More Flags

July 5, 2008

Put Out More Flags
Gitmo Guys Get the Gals!

Put Out More Flags!

See enough July 4th fireworks last night?

Good. Today it’s back to the old waterworks:

L.A. Times: Key player in waterboarding policy ‘smug’ under questioning

Washington Post/Chicago Tribune: CIA advised Pentagon on interrogation; Waterboarding defended in 2002

AFP: Harsh interrogation methods stain US image, endanger soldiers: experts

CNN:  Military lawyers objected to harsh interrogation techniques

Wall Street Journal: Ex-Pentagon Lawyers Challenged on Torture

Put Out More Flags!

Top image: Mike Licht. Download it here. Creative Commons license; credit Mike Licht,

DOJ Probes CIA Tape Trashing

January 3, 2008

DOJ Probes CIA Tape Trashing

Please raise your hand if you are not investigating the destruction and disappearance of terror suspect interrogation tapes or if you have not recused yourself from the same.


Mike at the Movies #4

December 23, 2007

Mike at the Movies #4

Looking at the so-called Christmas movies recommended by newspapers in the U.S. and Canada, the holiday must have mutated into something nasty and brutish when I wasn’t looking. Sweeny Todd and No Country for Old Men for Christmas?

Hard to believe, but the films most consistent with the sentiment of the season seem to be The Kite Runner and Charlie Wilson’s War which deal with, of all things, Afghanistan under the Russians, the Taliban and U.S. Armed Forces. Hard to believe but there you have it.

Personally, I recommend another movie set in an exotic locale, but one closer to home: