Royal Veterinary College: ‘Don’t Buy a Bulldog’

Royal Veterinary College: 'Don't Buy a Bulldog'

The English bulldog has become a four-footed symbol of British determination, and this intensified during WWII due to the canine breed’s resemblance to saggy-jowled wartime PM Winston Churchill. There must be shock in the Sceptered Isle over the UK’s Royal Veterinary College recommendation that animal lovers stop buying English bulldogs. The poor pups are plagued by health issues — breathing, skin, eye, and tooth problems — caused by breeding practices. The warning applies to other pups with punched-in faces, French bulldogs and pugs.


“Dog health: Don’t buy a bulldog until breed is reshaped, vets plead,” Helen Briggs, BBC News

“English Bulldogs in the UK: a VetCompass study of their disorder predispositions and protections,” Dan G. O’Neill, Alison Skipper, Rowena M. A. Packer, et al., Canine Medicine and Genetics

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Top image: U.S. Marines Mascot Lance Cpl. Chesty XIV at the 2013 Barracks Row Fall Festival, Washington DC. Download a copy here. Creative Commons license; credit Mike Licht,

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