Trump to Georgia Official: Steal Me an Election

Trump to Georgia Official: Steal Me an Election

Mere days before he’s evicted from the Executive Mansion, lame-duck President Donald Trump can’t resist another chance to break the law, trying to turn the land of his birth into a banana republic. In an hour-long phone call, aided by Mark Meadows and other co-conspirators, he tried to wheedle, cajole, pressure, and threaten Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, a fellow Republican, into “finding” him 11,780 votes and overturning his defeat in the state’s November’s election, even though Georgia’s returns have been reviewed three times and certified by the state’s electors.

But even if Mr. Trump got Georgia’s 16 electoral votes, Joe Biden would still have won the U.S. presidential election by 40 electoral votes, so you’ve got to wonder: in what other states has Donald Trump been illegally leaning on election officials?

Mr. Trump has threatened to sue Brad Raffensperger for making recordings of the phone call public, but his recording of the conversation is legal under Georgia State Law.

Here are some of the Trump-Raffensperger phone call low-lights:

[Full transcipt here]


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One Response to “Trump to Georgia Official: Steal Me an Election”

  1. danielwalldammit Says:

    It really does seem like a basic mobster shake-down. Give us what we want or something bad might happen to you.

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