Space Force ‘Guardians’ Get Lapel Pins. Secret Decoder Rings Next?

Space Force 'Guardians' Gets Lapel Pins. Secret Decoder Rings Next?

Lapel Pins, too. Collect ’em all!

Members of outgoing president Donald Trump’s pet Space Force will be issued a nifty official lapel pin to wear on their U.S. Air Force uniforms. That will differentiate them from other flyboys until their capes come back from the tailor. Space Force members, heretofore called “Space Cadets” perhaps, will henceforth be known as “Guardians,” Viceroy Vice President Mike Pence decreed.

“Will ‘Guardian’ be implemented into the rank structure,” asks Gizmodo’s Tom McKay, “like, does someone get promoted from Guardian to Sentinel to Space Paladin to Tython, The Secessionist King Of Mars or something?”

In other space uniform news, Gen. John Raymond, chief of the U.S. Space Force, became a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in some kind of robing ceremony last Friday.

Meanwhile, as the Trump administration had its eyes on the stars and Space Force “Guardians” played video games, real-life antagonists conducted successful cyber attacks on the Pentagon and other U.S. government agencies.


“Abolish the Space Force,” Sarah Jones, New York Magazine


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