The White House Plays Tennis While Disease Ravages America

The White House Plays Tennis While Disease Ravages America
While nearly 300,000 Americans lie dead from COVID-19, Melania Trump has completed a tennis pavilion at the White House, perhaps as a parting homage to Louis XIV. Maybe tennis will lure her husband back from his private golf course in Virginia during the waning days of his pestilential presidency.

Mrs. Trump dedicated her tennis pavilion yesterday, on Pearl Harbor Day, a date when Americans remember the 2,403 who died in that 1941 attack. About the same number of Americans are now dying each day from coronavirus, due to the Trump administration’s criminal failure of leadership.

Tennis, anyone? Better wear a mask.


“First Lady Proudly Unveils White House Tennis Pavilion—as U.S. COVID Deaths Near 300K,” Arya Hodjat, Daily Beast

“Melania Trump faces backlash after revealing new White House tennis pavilion,” Kenya Evelyn, The Guardian

“Melania Trump’s Tennis Pavilion Announcement Brings Outrage: ‘How Many ICU Beds Will It Hold?'” Matthew Impelli, Newsweek

“‘Melania Antoinette’: First lady faces backlash after unveiling tennis pavilion at the White House,” The Telegraph via Yahoo News


“The number of COVID-19 deaths reported in the US nearly every day last week was higher than the death toll for the attack on Pearl Harbor,” Ryan Pickrell, Yahoo News

“The infamy of Japan’s attack at Pearl Harbor pales compared to what’s going on now.” Neil Steinberg, Chicago Sun Times

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