South Dakota Death Cult

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem, a pistol-packin’, hard-drivin’, snake-oil pushing, Trump-touting former beauty queen, has resisted implementing elementary coronavirus public health policies in her state, claiming they would infringe on personal freedom. Her libertarian lovefest has given her state the nation’s highest COVID-19 positivity rate. “I’ve consistently said that people that want to wear masks should wear masks, and people that don’t shouldn’t be shamed because they choose not to,” the governor reiterated on Wednesday.

While South Dakota’s hospitals are filling up and her constituents die thinking coronavirus is a hoax, Kristi Noem declares that, if President Biden enacts a national mask mandate, she won’t enforce it.


“As deaths spiral, South Dakota governor opposes mask rules,” Stephen Groves, Associated Press

“‘It’s not real’: In South Dakota, which has shunned masks and other COVID rules, some people die in denial, nurse says,” Joel Shannon, USA Today

“What Nurses Are Seeing and Hearing in South Dakota,” Molly Olmstead, Slate

“South Dakota is grappling with the nation’s highest positivity rate. This Covid-19 widow wants a mask mandate,” Lucy Kafanov, Leslie Perrot and Hollie Silverman, CNN


“Kristi Noem rigidly follows Trump strategy of denial as Covid ravages South Dakota,” Ed Pilkington, The Guardian

“South Dakota gripped by pandemic amid Kristi Noem’s no-mask approach,” Talli Nauman, The Guardian

“Some COVID-19 patients flown out of state as S.D. hospital ICU capacity dwindles,” Nick Lowrey, Argus Leader

“Federal Judge Scorches Gov. Kristi Noem Over COVID Response,” Tracy Connor, Daily Beast

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