Trump Economic Recovery Panel: Libertarian Clown Posse

Trump Economic Recovery Panel: Libertarian Clown Posse

President Trump announced the members of his Coronavirus economic recovery panel yesterday. He calls it the Great American Economic Revival and, true to its name, it’s got an amen corner of true believers. Unfortunately for a panel on government economic interventions, they’re fundamentalist Libertarians, believers in a savage free market “red in tooth and claw,” and opposed to any government intervention in American life. The market Malthusian “though leaders” on this committee are from the Cato Institute, Heritage Foundation, American Enterprise Institute, and Conservative Partnership Institute. Even the name “Great American Economic Revival” was provided by a Right-Wing media group.

There are about 50 other members of this Great American Economic Revival thingy, each with competing interests. The industrial powerhouses represented include: Chick-fil-A, Waffle House, Las Vegas Sands Corp., Norwegian Cruise Lines, UFC, PGA, WWE, NASCAR, and the Dallas Cowboys. Since the role of the group is undefined, this all seems a pointless pro-forma or ceremonial exercise. Maybe it’s just more pandering to Trump political donors and fanboys, and won’t do much damage. There’s now a White House economic task force that’s even larger and more unwieldy.


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