Trump Federal Reserve Picks: And Then There Was One

Trump Federal Reserve Picks: And Then There Was One

Stephen Moore, political pundit, Alt-Right fanboygold standard loon, and doctrinaire supply-side dolt, wrote an ill-informed Wall Street Journal op-ed blasting the Federal Reserve. The Journal booted him for being a political hack, but Donald Trump nominated him for the Federal Reserve Board. Mr. Moore now says that if he becomes a liability he will withdraw his name from consideration, as did Herman Cain, the President’s other improbable nominee.

Mr. Moore’s recently unearthed sexist comments may prove a liability, but in any case it’s hard to see him as a Fed asset. He is not an actual economist. When he ran the partisan Club for Growth, the outfit incurred $350,000 in FEC penalties. A veteran of the Heritage Foundation and Cato Institute, he worked on Ronald Reagan’s Privatization Commission, and helped Dick Armey draft the so-called FairTax proposal, essentially a regressive tax on the poor. More to the point, he worked on the 2016 Trump campaign and co-authored Trumponomics, a 2018 wet dream of low tax rates for the rich.

Stephen Moore knows all about Federal taxation; he owes the IRS more than $75,000 in back taxes. He also shares the Trump Administration’s respect for law and family values; a Maryland court held him in contempt for failing to pay his ex-wife over $300,000 in alimony and child support. Of course, that might not be seen as a liability in today’s Republican Party.


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